Lauren watch the sun go down over the ocean and smiled.  It had been a perfect day at the beach, she’d worked on her tan, played some volleyball with some guys she had teased for a few hours and now it was over.

She got up on to her knees and looked towards her car, between her and it was a man, sitting with his legs crossed and looking directly at her.

When her eyes meet his, she froze, unable to move or even blink.

Slowly, everything else receded from her vision until the only thing she could see was his face.  It didn’t seem to be a remarkable face in any way but it was the only thing in Lauren’s world.

Then she felt his gaze pass behind her eyes and in to her mind.

Suddenly she blinked as the man reclined back on to he sand and stretched out his legs.

She sat there for just a moment before deciding to leave.  She leaned over on to all fours and started to crawl towards the man.

She crawled up between his legs, found his hard dick and pulled it from his swim trunks and wrapped her lips around it.