Laura walked through the furniture store, searching for… something.  She wasn’t quite sure what but recently she’d been looking to change something in her condo and hadn’t been able to put her finger on it.

Just last weekend she’d cleared out the spare bedroom that went along the old brick wall of the converted warehouse and setup her computer in it.  She setup the video camera beside it on a small tripod, the therapist had said it might help her to record her thoughts.

A small tingle ran through her pussy at the thought of her therapy sessions.  She’d started going to him based on a friends recommendation, she’d never gone to therapy before and had been sceptical.  But he’d worked wonders and over the last few months her life had really fallen in to place.

She’d virtually replaced her wardrobe, gone were the ugly old pants and shirts, replaced what she had realized she’d always wanted to wear.  Tight, revealing outfits, made of vinyl, plastic and rubber!

She walked in to the recliners and couches area of the store and wandered around and through the furniture until she came upon the perfect thing for her spare room.

Laura held herself in position, hands pressed in to the back of the recliner, knees placed perfectly to ensure her midsection was held flat.

She looked over at the camera and waited.  He was late, she should be angry, but instead the need in her pussy increased as her mind refused to pay attention to anything else.

Five minutes passed and she shuffled her hands slightly, unable to lift them from the back of the recliner.

Ten minutes passed and she let her head drop down as she squeezed her thighs together and bit her lip.

Twenty minutes passed and she tossed her head back, let out a needful cry, “God, I can’t take it anymore…”.

Thirty minutes passed and the voice came over the computer, “You may begin.” it said and Laura collapsed on to the recliner, turned over and grabbed her tits, squeezing the hard.

She pulled herself up on the recliner and let her legs spread and fall to each side of it.  Her skirt pulled up and over her hips and one of her hands found her wet pussy.

She worked her fingers in and out as her other hand managed to get one of her tits out of the confines of the latex dress.  Her fingers that had been kneeing her tit quickly found her hard nipple and twisted it, pulling it as far from her body as she could.

Minutes later, the fingers in her pussy found her clit and her first orgasm rocked her body.  By the time the fourth one passed she was barely conscious and didn’t notice the red light on the camera shut off.