Julia looked at the gifts under the tree and smiled, Geoff had gone over board this year, maybe because he knew she was getting bored with him.  Bored wasn’t the right word really, more like exasperated, they’d been together for several years and at first their sex life had been active and fun.  Geoff had an active imagination and soon he was suggesting things he wanted to try in the bedroom that she wasn’t interested in and so she’d grown tired of saying no and started sex all together.

She picked up one of the larger boxes and gave it a shake but no noise came out of it.  She looked at the tag that dangled from the ribbon, a large number five was written on it with a small subscript below, “(open in order)”.

She smiled and started hunting though the other presents until she found box number one.  It was small and rattled when she shook it.  Ripping the paper from it revealed a small cosmetics box, with a name of a company she didn’t recognize on it.  She opened it and a single lipstick was inside along with a small note.

“Merry Christmas Julia, this is the first gift I give to you today!  I hope you’ll play along and make this a special Christmas for both of us, just apply this gift and open the next box.”

She smiled, each year he did something different for her present and she did still enjoy his creative side outside of the bedroom.  She mentally shrugged her shoulders and broke the seal on the lipstick as she walked over to a mirror and started to apply it.

When she pressed it to her lips she felt a pleasant tingle blossom where she applied it and she moved it across to the other side of her mouth.  As she applied it to her upper lip the tingle had become so distracting that she almost smeared the lipstick across her face.

She puckered her lips several times before she managed to get a hold of herself and turn back to the presents.  She knelt on to the floor and searched for number two, when she found it, she crossed her legs and re-arranged her housecoat as she set the box on her lap.  She unwrapped it quickly to find another box from the unfamiliar cosmetics company, this time a complete compact.  She didn’t even read the note in the box and flipped it open and started to apply the eye liner and other cosmetics it contained.  As she applied each one she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her.

She finished quickly and stared at her reflection in the small mirror of the compact, not noticing her free hand had drifted under her housecoat and found her wet pussy.  As her breathing increased the compact jiggled in her hand, moving down to her lips and then back up to her eyes, each time it shifted her excitement increased.

She felt her orgasm building but no matter how hard her hand worked she couldn’t seem to push herself over the edge and after a few pleasurable minutes her attention returned to the presents that still remained.

She click the compact closed and took a deep breath and looked for the present labeled number three.  She found the small cube and attacked the paper, leaving the cosmetics box bare.  She opened the box and revealed the jar of cream, she twisted off the cap took a deep breath as it’s scent it her nose.  She pulled her housecoat open near the top and took some of the creme and started to rub in in to her upper chest, it felt amazing as she worked it in.  Her hand moved further down her chest and the sensation became more intense as she reached her nipple, which was harder than she’d ever felt it before.

Julia untied her housecoat and let it fall open as she took more of the cream, in both hands this time and went straight for her breasts.  The pleasure knocked her back and she collapsed on to her back as she worked it in, not noticing that as she did her small breasts were growing larger by the second.

The cream worked its way completely in but Julia continued to squeeze and play with her breasts and nipples finding the pleasure even more intense than before.  No matter how hard she tried she still couldn’t orgasm.  

In desperation she found the fourth present and ripped it open, a set of sheer lingerie was inside and she stood up, letting the housecoat slide off her arms and on to the floor as she stepped in to the panties and put on the bra, each giving her pussy a jolt of pleasure but neither satisfying the need emanating from it.

She quickly found the next box which contained a sheer black skirt and a dark charcoal top, she slipped in to the skirt and found herself closer than ever but still unable to crest.  

Before she managed to put on the top, the tingling started to fade from her lips and she puckered once more and remembered what had started it all.  She looked around and found the lipstick and applied a fresh coat, sending her to new highs and lows at the same time.

That’s when she turned back to the tree and saw Geoff standing in the doorway behind it, half obscured by the tree, smiling.  A momentary look of confusion crossed Julia’s face as she stood there, her huge tits barely contained in the bra, the lipstick still touching the corner of her mouth and the need to cum nearly incomprehensible to her.

Geoff stepped out from behind the tree, naked except for the white box with a red ribbon and a large tag with the number 6 on it covering his manhood, his hand behind his back.

Julia ran over and dropped to her knees so she could open her final present, unwrapping it quickly to find Geoff’s hard cock just in front of her lips.  She slid the tip of his cock over her lips and in to her mouth, hardly noticing the headphones Geoff placed on her head as the instructions for her new self played over them.

When he finally came in her mouth her own orgasm exploded from behind her eyes and radiated to every part of her body, leaving no trace of the old Julia behind.

A Christmas gift for @juliatobimbo.