Jewel held up the photo of what she used to be, he’d taken it when he’d first seen her working at the bar, before he’d introduced himself and changed her life forever.

Like all the guys that hit on her at work, Julia smiled politely and played along, it always helped with the tips to do so.  When he’d asked for the bill and she handed it to him, their hands touched briefly and she smiled at his warm touch.

When she came back he was gone, but he’d left a generous tip and his business card as well, “Personal Placement Services.  Offering tailored opportunities to those that deserve it.” on the back he’d written by hand, “Use the contact form on the website, I think we could help you.”

She tucked the tip and card in to her pocket and finished out the day without thinking about it again.  At the end of her shift she changed and headed home, when she arrived, she emptied her pockets before tossing the pants in to the laundry, finding the card once again.

Thinking back to the stranger she read the card again and then grabbed her tablet and search for the company, there wasn’t much on the net about it, but what little there was was very positive for happy clients.

Julia clicked on the contact form and put in her details, she didn’t know if they could help, but she defiantly could use some help with the upcoming tuition for school this year and the job at the bar covered her living costs but that was it.

Julia sat in the interview room and waited, the soft music played in the background and the monitor on the wall across from her displayed a marketing video of some kind for the company.  She’d been there for a while but she’d lost track of time and hadn’t even noticed when the video had changed to a parade of scantily clad young women.

Or for that matter the change in the music to a low monotone voice.

Julia awoke with a start when she heard the click of the door behind her.  She lifted her head off the table in front of her saw the marketing video playing on the monitor once more.

“Hello Julia, I’m please to say the interview went well and I’m sure we’ll be able to find something that your tailor made for.”

“Wha… oh… that’s great!” she said quickly, not remembering the interview or really anything else since she’d come in to the room.

“It will take use a week or so to get everything lined up, so wait you can head home and wait for our call.”

“Ok, I look forward to it.”

Julia looked in the mirror and stroked her hair.  She’d gone to the salon just wanting a basic trim, but found that once she’d sat down in the chair, she’d asked for a change of colour instead.

She’d never thought of going blonde before, let alone platinum blonde, but the more she stared in to the mirror, the more certain she was it had been the right choice.

Of course she’d had to go to the makeup counter after the colour change, her old makeup just didn’t match her new hair and so she started to remove her new makeup from the store bag and lay it out on the bathroom counter.  

Going through each one, she carefully applied them, spending more time on her makeup than she had in years.

Julia walked through the mall, bags in hand, her high heels clicking on the floor as she strode with purpose towards her car.  She’d maxed out her credit cards but didn’t care, they’d be calling soon and then she wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again.

She’d come to the mall in a drab top and basic jeans with a pair of simple running shoes on, but once she’d started to try things on, she’d quickly left those behind.  Now she had on a pair of 5 inch stilettos, a short black skirt and a tight peach top.  The large hoop ear rings were hers and she’d had no desire to change them.

She’d even dropped in to the salon again and gotten a stud in her upper lip.

Just as she was about to open her car door, her cell phone rang.

“Hello, this is Julia.”

“Hello Julia, this is Personal Placement Services, we would like you to come in the office today, is that possible?”

“Oh yes!  I can be there in 20 minutes.”

“That would be perfect, see you then.”

Julia tossed her bags in to the back seat of her car and headed straight for the office.

Julia sat in the chair in front of the plain white background, the camera and tripod standing in front of her.  

“Ok, let’s get started, shall we?”

“Uhmm, ok, but what am I supposed to do?”

“Oh, sorry, here, hold this up in front of you.”

Julia took the folded sheet of paper and looked at it, it was a photo of herself for a few weeks ago.

“But I still don’t…” she started to say as she looked up at the photographer, just as he clicked something on his computer screen.  A strange noise came from the computer and Julia’s eyes rolled all the way back as he mouth hung open and she let out a low moan.

Jewel held up the paper in front of her as the noise from the computer receded.  She blinked a couple of times and then giggled.

“Like hi everyone!”, she said smiling and waving.

“Oh my gawd, look at how I used to be!”, she beamed in to the camera as she pushed the picture of her old self out in front of her and held it with both hands, before tossing it away.

“But Personal Placement Services has totally tailored me in to being the perfect bimbo doll for my new job being your trophy wife!  Just, like, click on the button under this video and I’ll be all yours!”

Inspired by @juliatobimbo.