Susan watch the team practice, they’d been playing well for the last few matches but she didn’t let up on them no matter how many games they won.

A year ago, she’d been out on the field herself, hoisting the cup for her team as captain.  But during the off season she’d destroyed her knee in an exhibition match and that had ended her career.  But the club recognized her leadership talent and now she was a coach for the team and she worked them hard during practice.

She looked across the field to where Tom was standing by the head coach, chatting with him.  Or should she say, brown nosing with him as she was doing Tom’s job at the moment and he seemed more interested in getting the head coach position next year when it became available than getting the championship.

When she looked back again, Susan noticed the discussion seemed to have taken a turn for the worse and Tom stomped away a few moments later.  She didn’t think much of it and instead concentrated on the drills the team was running.

“Hey Susan, great practice today.” Tom said as he approached her in the empty field holding two cups of energy drink.  She was cleaning up after practice by herself yet again since Tom never helped with it.

“Yea, the team’s coming along great.” Not that you’d know it she thought to herself.

He held out a cup to her, “You look thirsty.”

She licked her parched lips and too the cup from him, “Thanks.” she replied, not sure how to take the guesture from him.

“You know, Coach is retiring after this season, I’m going after the job pretty hard, I was looking to get your support when the time comes.”

Now the drink made sense, a small bribe to make the conversation go smoother.  She took a sip from the cup and found it tasted better then she remembered.  A second sip followed by a gulp finished the cup.

She looked up at Tom, his wolfish grin staring back at her as she realized something was wrong.  A strange tingling had spread out all over her body and she let out a small gasp at the feeling.

“You know what Coach told me the other day?” Tom asked.

Susan was too distracted to noticed as she dropped to her knees on the field as the tingling focused on her scalp and chest.

“He said I’d never get the head coach job while you were around.  He was going to recommend you for the job after just one year as a coach!  I’ve been on his staff for six years!”

Susan let out a moan as she felt her hair extend down her neck and past her shoulders.  As the jersey tightened around her chest, she grabbed her breasts and fell backwards, squirming on the turf.

Tom took a knee and crouched down beside her.

“But you know what Suzie?  From now your no longer a coach, your just a washed up player looking to get back in the game again, looking for a coach to tell her what to do.  And from now on, I’m your head coach, the only coach you’ll ever listen to again.”

Suzie felt the orgasm explode in her as Tom grabbed a handful of her tit.

Suzie held the ball on her hip and looked at Tom as he took another photo.

“Like this Tommy?” She asked.

“Yep, that good, just a couple more.  Ok, now hold it up by your tits so I can see how big they are in comparison to it.”

Suzie moved the ball up her body and turned toward the camera, then to the side.

“That’s great Suzie.  Here drink this.” Tom said as he handed her a water bottle.

Suzie drank it down quickly and felt the tingling and giggled as she watched her tits expand even further.

When she came too, Tom was standing over her, extending a hand down to help her up.

“Ok Suzie, one more time.”

Suzie blinked in confusion for a moment until Tom handed her the ball.

She smiled and held it beside her massive tits.

“Like, oh my gawd Tommy!  Suzie’s tits are like bigger than the ball! *giggle*”

“Perfect Suzie!” He replied and step out from behind the camera.

He pulled his shorts down and Suzie saw his hard dick, her purple head coach called to her and she dropped to her knees, eager to show him she knew how to play the game.