Julia jumped out of her seat and screamed as Brittney burst on to stage.  The music filled the theater and she held on to her back stage pass tightly as she tried to dance in the confines of the seats.

The concerted went by so quickly Julia hardly had time time to catch her breath before she found herself backstage with her idol.  Brittney smiled and said hello and Julia smiled dumbly just before let out a stream of nearly incoherent compliments and adorations she’d been waiting years to say.

Brittney thanked her and moved on to the next fan and Julia almost fainted.

“So an aspiring singer yourself eh?” a male voice came from behind her.

“Wha… how did you know?” Julia managed to turn and regain some composure.  The voice belonged to an older gentleman in a suit that she assumed must be part of Brittney’s entourage.

“I didn’t catch much of what you said to Brittney, but I’m pretty sure you mentioned it near the end.” he said and smiled.

Julia laughed a little, “Oh, I made such a fool of myself.  What must she think?”

“Don’t worry about it, she gets it all the time.  I’m Dave, her record label rep.” He said, holding out his hand.

Julia shook it and smiled, “Thanks Dave, nice to meet you, I’m Julia.”

“If your serious about becoming a pop star, I can help.  We’re always looking for new talent.”

“Really?  I mean, I don’t know if I’m good enough…”

“Let us worry about that.  Why don’t you drop by my office here in Vegas tomorrow and we can discuss it further.”  Dave said, handing her his business card.

Julia walked up to the doors of the office, it was just off the strip in a small office block.  The cab drove away as she opened the door and entered the modest office.  The main room had a small desk, a couch and a few chairs in it. Behind the desk, an attractive blonde woman sat, working at her computer.

“Hi, I’m Julia, Dave said I should drop by and…”

“Oh, like, hi!  Dave is totally expecting you, just go right on in!”


Julia opened the door to Dave’s office and entered.  Like the outer room, it too was modest, the only thing that really stood out were all the albums on the walls.

“Julia, good to see you, please come in and sit down.”

“Uh, thanks.” she said a little hesitantly.

“I know, not quite what you were expected?  This is just my Vegas office, it does the job for when I’m in town to see Brittney, but my main office back in LA is much nicer.” he said with a smile.

“Oh, no that’s not what I was thinking at all… I just… I’m not sure…”

“Don’t be nervous, would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, water?”

“A water would be great, thanks.”

Dave walked over to a small fridge behind his desk and retrieved a bottle of water and handed it to her.  She twisted the cap off with the familiar snap and took a sip.

“So Julia, as I said last night, we’re always looking for new talent and you have a look that I think will go over well with the public.”

Julia nodded her head and took another sip as Dave spoke.

“Of course we’ll have to build up a whole story around you, a character if you will.  But I’m sure we’ll be able to make it work, don’t you?”

Julia’s eyes were heavy and she could hardly keep them open as Dave walked around his desk and took the water from her hand.

“Well it looks like you can’t hold your sedative very well at all can you?”

She heard him say just as the world went dark.

Julia woke up, her head pounding as she realized something was wrong.  She reached up to massage her head and found out what, her arms were bound to the chair, along with her legs and head.  She was in some kind of reclining medical chair, the room was dark and she couldn’t see anything.  The single light was shining right down on to her.

She panicked and thrashed around to no avail.

“Calm down Julia, there’s nothing left for you to do but relax and let it happen.”  A sudden wave of calmness washed over her and her whole body slumped back in to the chair and a smile crossed her lips.

“You know we’ve come a long way with this since our early attempts.  Oh they worked alright, but the long term stability wasn’t there.  Fortunately we’ve been able to recondition some of our earlier ‘products’ and now they’re performing at the top of their abilities again.”

A second wave hit Julia, not calmness but pleasure this time.  She moaned out loud as her body arched in it’s restraints.

“Of course, a skimpy school girl outfit or body stocking just won’t cut it in this day and age.  Those bastards at the competition pretty much cornered the market on strange and confident so we’re trying something a little different with you.”

A third wave hit her and her mind exploded in a shower of sparkles and stars as she felt something creep in to the back of her mind and take hold.

Julia tucked her latex clad thumbs in to her belt as instructed, her top hanging open with the faux tie hanging between her breasts.

Everything but the gloves itched and felt uncomfortable, she hated the photo shoots even more than the public appearances.  At least at the public appearances they’d let her wear her favorite latex body suits.

But the photo shoots always started out with some silly material that made her skin crawl.

“Daaaavvvveeee… why can’t I take these off yet!” she whined.

“Soon, Julia, very soon.  Now follow the nice photographers instructions.”

Julia turned to the mike, bent over and pushed her ass out.  She puckered up and gave it a kiss and then a lick.

Finally the photographer told her to take the top off and she eagerly did so, the cool air, mixed with the hot lights sent shivers down her spin right to her pussy and the lights flashed each time he took another picture.

She’d recorded her entire album naked, expect for the high heels of course, she didn’t understand why she could remain that way all the time!

As she slid the tight pants down her legs and stepped out of them and felt the small orgasm hit her.  Then her body started to move on it’s own, the programmed dance moves coming as easily as they had in the video shoot.

The video had rocketed her up the charts, along with the interview she’d given where she explained all about how she was a nudist.  

Now, naked before the camera, her routine completed and the need returned even stronger than before.  She turned to Dave, an unmistakable hunger in her eyes.

Dave smiled knowing a lucky fan in the next room was about to get the ride of his life from his favorite pop princess.

Inspired by @juliatobimbo, same came, she saw and she left… never to return?