Jade strode through the court house halls, her stylish heels clicking on the marble floor as she swung her brief case in sync with her foot falls.

‘Another successful case complete!  That scumbag won’t be terrorizing the streets for a long time.’ she thought as she headed towards the parking elevator.

She pressed the call button and admired her reflection in mirrored surface of the doors.  She was proud of the work she’d done over the last few months to get in to shape, the therapist she was seeing said it would really help with her self esteem and he’d been right.

She’d resisted going to a therapist at first, she didn’t really need one, but her last psych evaluation from her office’s shift had suggested she might need to talk to someone about the stress of dealing with criminals all day long.

When her friend had suggested she talk to the therapist she used, she decided to give it a try.  After all her office medical covered the cost, at worst she’d waste a few hours.

But after a couple of sessions she knew she’d be coming back often as each time she left she had felt better.  He’d been so insightful, telling her all kinds of things she’d never known about herself.  And his therapeutic methods had done wonders to relax her.

She arrived at her car and drove out of the parking garage and towards her condo.  As she approached she accelerated past it and headed towards the warehouse district.

When she arrived, she pulled her car in to the space she rented and closed the door behind her.  She stepped out and walked over to dressing table she had setup a few weeks ago.

She stripped down naked and hung her suit on the rack beside the table.  She took the purple latex outfit from the rack and worked it over her body.  Then she slipped in to the ballet boots and sat down in front of the mirror.

Working quickly she applied her makeup and then slipped on the long white wig.  She stood up and walked over to the computer, starting up the video equipment and logging on.

A short walk over to the recliner and she took her spot, kneeling on the seat and pushing her ass towards the camera.

A few moments later, the first ‘bing’ of a new connection sounded and she turned her head to see who her first client of the night would be.

The therapist had been so right about her latex fetish, her desire to perform for others, her need for release that she was still amazed at how powerfully she came each night after the show.