Warren looked at the offer in front of him, the company wanted him to take over all management of all of the factories it controlled.

He pushed it back across the desk and shook his head.

“Like I told you last time, I’m retired, I’ve already got everything I need, thanks.”

“But productivity has dropped significantly again since you left!  Come back and you’ll have total control over how the factories are run.”

Warren just stood up and left.  He’d only come to see how much they were willing to offer and he had been surprised at how high they had started, but his curiosity satisfied, it was time to get back home and it was a long flight.

Warren opened the door and walked in to his house, Jewel was seated on her stool at the end of the hallway.  Naked, her vacant eyes came to life as soon as she saw him and she ran her tongue over her lips and started rubbing her nipples.

He walked by her without saying a word and she continued, a small moan coming from behind him as he walked in to the kitchen and grabbed a beer.

Heading in to the lounge he sat down and turned on the TV, going in to the DVR and selecting the first show to catch up on.  He took a swig from his bear and then snapped his fingers.

The sound of high heels against the floor was quickly followed by Jewel kneeling between his legs, eagerly unzipping his pants and taking his cock between her inflated lips.

Warren relaxed and took another sip of beer looking down at Jewel’s bobbing head thinking back to the meeting yesterday.  They’d never be able to give him anything to compete with this, after all, he already had the Jewel of their company.