The nano solution foam cascaded off Elaine’s body as she rose up out of the bath and relaxed in it’s warmth.

She looked down at her body, gone were the imperfections, age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and the other ravages of age.  It had been a costly process, taking sixty years off her body but it had been worth it.

She grabbed the control tablet from the side of the bath and started to look through the options again now that the basic package had been applied, she’d be able to customize herself some more.

Flicking through the options she passed by several boring ones and then came across the Fetish category.  A smile crossed her face, she wasn’t looking for anything out of the ordinary, but looking couldn’t hurt.

The options started out simple enough, cheerleader, nurse, police officer.  As she flicked through more they started to get more extreme.  She stopped at one that caught her attention, the image on screen had huge breasts, a tiny waist and covered head to toe in latex, it was title “Sex Doll”.

Her hand reached below the surface of the solution and found her pussy, she started to rub it at the sight of the image before her.  She closed her eyes for just a second, lost in the pleasure, until she felt the tablet fall from her hand and in to the solution.

“Shit!” she said, coming out of her daydream.  Her hand came away from her pussy and search around for the tablet under the water.  She found it and grabbed at it, fumbling around to get a hold of it.  When she pulled it from the water, the display was still where it had been, the Sex Doll image still prominently displayed.

She let out a sigh as she repositioned herself in the bath.  When the bubbles started up again, she was surprised and double checked the tablet.  The confirmation message she had missed before was along the bottom of the display and she searched for the cancel option.

The nano solution overtook her before she found it and she once more slide under as it began it’s work.

Tony walked in to the room and looked in the tub, the client was laid out flat, floating in the solution after the program had completed.  He noticed the tablet submerged beside her and retrieved it.

“Hey Carson, did this client come in with anyone?”

“No, why?”

Tony smiled, it didn’t happen often, but once in a while a mistake was made.

“No reason, thanks.”

Tony closed the door and turned back to the client, “Stand up and get out of the tub.”

Elaine obeyed the command and stood in front of Tony, her latex covered body dripping the last of the nano solution from it.

Tony worked on his phone as she did so, finding the form he was looking for and filling in her details.

“Ok Elaine, repeat the following; I Elaine Baker, of sound mind and body, confirm my agreement to become the property of Tony Jones on this 4th day of February.”

Tony pressed the record button just before Elaine started speaking, when she was done he submitted the form and received his submission confirmation from the ministry.