Amy trailed her other friends as they entered the strip club, Amanda, the bride at the head of the line.

The bachelorette party had started at their favorite restaurant, moved to their favorite club and then as they headed towards their next destination, the conversation had turned to what they guys would be doing.

Everyone agreed there would be a strip club involved with the guys and no one could figure out the allure of them.  That’s when Cathy, the most drunk of the group at the time, had suggested they find out for themselves.

And so, here they were, walking in to the strip club and Amy was a bunched up ball of nerves.  She was the designated driver and didn’t have the advantage of having several drinks in her to loosen her up.  She wasn’t a prude by any means but she wasn’t very interested in being here.

They found a table and received a lot of stares from the other patrons, soon enough though one of the dancers can over to the table and started chatting the group up.

“So, can I interest the bride in a private dance?” she said.

The girls giggled and Amanda got a wicked look in her eye.  

“Thanks, but I think Amy deserves a dance for putting up with us tonight!” Amanda replied, the other girls all agreeing.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Amy said.

The stripper smiled and took her hand, pulling her up from the chair and in to the back room over her weak protests.

They found a free booth and Amy flopped in to the seat as the dancer started to gyrate as she undressed.  Soon Amy felt the weight of the woman on her lap and her hands roaming over her body.

Amy tried to get comfortable but found it difficult.

“Just relax honey, let me do all the work.”

Amy was about to reply when the dancers finger pressed against her lips to silence her.  The dancer pulled back and dropped down to her knees, leaning in to Amy’s pussy a nuzzling it.  Amy felt a strange heat coming from her lips and she licked them lightly, a surge of pleasure coming from them as she let out a low moan.

The dancer looked up and came back to eye level, Amy had closed her eyes and so she leaned in and kissed her firmly on the lips.  Amy’s eyes opened in surprise but she quickly found herself reciprocating.

Amy’s body continued to respond as the dance intensified and soon she found herself lost in the pleasure, she heard distant words being spoken but she didn’t understand them or care and her orgasm built to a crescendo and washed over her.

Amy looked nervously around the strip club, she was sitting in the back alone, it had been a week since the bachelorette but she found herself unable to resist the urge to return.

She saw the stripper from the week before and soon enough caught her eye, she smiled as she walked over to Amy’s table and took her hand and led her in to the back without saying a word.

By the end of the first song they were making out, their lips and hands roaming all over each other’s bodies.  Amy found her face right in front of the dancer’s pussy and she instinctively started to nuzzle it, then lick and suck it.  As she did so she was distantly award of the words the stripper was saying, words like; obey, dance, strip, pleasure, doll, but they were unimportant to her.

Soon, her attention crested the dancer’s orgasm and Amy came at the same time.  

Amy walked through the club towards to the stage, her high heels clicking with each step.  She took the stairs carefully but deliberately as the spot light fell on to her.  She grabbed the pole and twirled around as the music pumped out of the speakers.

As she finished her rotation she slide down the pole and laid back on to the stage, pushing her pussy in to the pole and then sliding it up along it as she arched her back.

She and her friends had never found out what the allure for the guys was, but her new friends at the club, especially her new girlfriend, had her own pussy so wet that she knew exactly what the allure was for her.