Justine walked in to the  Milkshakes-a-Go-Go, desperate for a job.  She’d been all over town and the rent was due at the end of the month and she had been out of work for weeks.

She’d been waitressing for several years but these days the competition was just too fierce with all the bimbos that had sprung up all of a sudden taking the best jobs around.

She frowned, the lines marred her beautiful face as she checked her simple outfit and smoothed it over her sleek frame.

She felt self conscious as she noticed the living Barbie dolls walking around.  She walked up to the counter anyway and asked for the manager.

The manager walked out from the kitchen and smiled at her.

“Hi, I’m Rick.” he said, “Why don’t we use the booth over there to do the interview.” motioning to the last booth along the wall where no one else was near by.

“Sounds good Rick.”

“Hey, Vicky, bring us over two specials would you?”

“Like right away Ricky!”

The interview went quickly enough, Rick asked about her work experience and references, what hours she could work, etc.  The milkshakes arrived about half way through and Rick took a sip from his as she spoke.

Once she was done her speech she grabbed her own shake as Rick started to talk.

“Well Justine, that sounds great, can you start tomorrow?”

Justine just nodded her head as she sucked on the straw, the milkshake was better than she had expected.

Rick continued to speak but she didn’t pay any attention as she focused on the sweat taste of the milkshake until it was all gone.

As she heard the slurping of the last of it find its way up the straw she finally noticed the heat that had spread over her body and let out a moan as she felt her body start to change.

Her short dark hair flowed down her shoulders and over her now growing breasts, she looked up at Rick smiling at her as the pleasure invaded her mind.

“That’s right, let it happen.  If the Milkshakes-a-Go-Go is going to appeal to a wider audience we need to diversify our serving staff.  I think you’re going to fit right in here Justine.  A perfect asian doll, ready to serve the customers every need and desire.”

The words sunk in to her mind as the orgasm rocked her body.

Justine sat on the edge of the empty table, her tight latex dress pushed her large breasts together as she posed, her face placid and waiting for her next customer to take a seat.