Sarah relaxed in bed, her headphones playing the mix Alan had given her last week at work.  

At first she’d been unsure, Alan was nice and all but not really her type.  But he’d put together the tracks himself and shared it with her so she took a listen and was surprised at how perfect it was.  All her favorite bands were on it and they sounded even better than the copies she had.

Alan had said it was the extra processing he’d done on the files, something about oversampling, but she’d just tuned out as he geeked out about it.

She’d done the same thing after work for the last several days, after a long day at work she’d flop on to her bed and listen as the songs looped through her head.

As the music played, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh as the days trouble faded away.

A few moments later, her left hand started to unbutton her top without her even noticing and then her right hand with her phone in it raised up and took the first photo of the night.

Soon here fingers found her nipples and started to play with them, soon they were hard between her fingers and she let out a soft moan as her hand headed towards her pussy.

Her fingers found there way in to her wet pussy and a louder moan escaped her lips as the camera flash went off again.  As she worked herself to climax her breathing became ragged and her head swayed from side to side.  Her orgasm crested as a single word escaped her lips, “Alaaannnnn!”