Tanya shook her head subtly as her fingers caressed the shiny material.  She knew Tom had a fetish for cosplay when she’d met him at the comic convention and normally she’d have brushed him off when he’d hit on her while she was working at the booth, but something told her she should pay a bit of attention to him.

Maybe it was the quality of the costume he word, the steam punk inspired outfit look better than any other she had seen that day or any day before for that matter.  His accessories looked to be expensive and the suite was obviously custom tailored.

She flirted with him a bit and after a few dates she’d figured out he was hiding his wealth, trying to figure out if she liked him for him or his money.  She’d played that game before and she did so again, laughing at his jokes, feigning interest in his hobbies until he let his guard down.  

She knew he was hooked but good when he’d handed her the costume tonight.  It was black and white and was obviously inspired by one of his comic book heroes.

She smiled, “Of course, I’d love too!” she beamed out at Tom with her thousand watt smile.

She stepped in to the large bathroom and undressed herself, her thin frame offset with her large breasts.  She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror before sitting on her makeup chair and starting to slide her feet and legs in to the outfit.

She worked it smooth against her legs and pulled it up over her torso as she slide her hands and arms in to it.  Finding the concealed zipper in the back she closed it around herself.  After a bit more exploring she found an additional concealed zipper, running from just above her pussy, around to just above her anus.

The last piece was the latex hood, which she slipped carefully over her head, bundling her blonde hair up in to it so it didn’t peak out.

There was no hole for her mouth in it, but she aligned the two small nose holes to her nostrils along with the meshed eye windows.  She looked in the mirror and the illusion of the outfit was impressive.

Tanya started to stand up from her chair when a sudden bout of dizziness took hold of her.  She reached out to steady herself on the counter and then sat back down.  The room spun faster and she laid her head on the counter as the darkness engulfed her.

Tanya stirred awake, her eyes fluttered open beneath the hood and she tried to see what had happened.  To her surprise she found herself unable to move her head from the awkward position it was in.  She tried to push herself up off the floor but found her hands bound behind her.

“Ah awake at last I see.” Tom said.

Tanya struggled and flailed around the ground as she tried to form words but something was in her mouth.

She felt Tom’s hands grab a hold of her shoulders and prop her upright.  She managed to get her legs under her so she could sit up without his help but her neck was stretched all the way back forcing her to stare at the large monitor mounted on the ceiling.

“Now just relax and this will go quickly if you don’t fight it too much.”

She screamed through her gag as Tom pressed a button on the control panel he stood in front of and she felt something being injected in to her arm.

“You know it was fun and I did think you were serious, until Jack mentioned the two of you had been a thing a while ago until it became obvious you were only after his money.”  Tom

Tanya felt whatever drug he’d injected her with course through her and a calmness washed over her.

“But unlike Jack, I have more resources at my disposal…” he said as he hit another button.

Tanya watched the monitor come to life, a series of photos crossed the screen of women having sex.  Earbuds she hadn’t noticed came to life at the same time, telling her how much she enjoyed each image.

Then the vibrator in her pussy came to life and a wave of confusion came over her and everything seemed to blur together.

“Well that’s gone everything set, I’ll drop in and see how things are going later.”

Hours passed as Tanya watched the images, listened to the sounds and felt the vibrator take her to orgasm time and time again.

Tom walked in to the room, the strong smell of sex and sweat permeated it, Tanya was on her side and he could hear the vibrator in her ass going at it.  He watched her for a few minutes until he saw her body shake and a muffled cry coming from her.

He walked over to the control panel and checked the readouts before shutting down the machine.  He walked over to her and started unlocking the bonds.

He pulled the hood up far enough to remove her gag and then lowered it back down.  Similarly he opened and removed both vibrators before zipping her back up.

Tom picked her up, her limp body offered no resistance to him and took her back to the bedroom, placed her in the shower and let the water take some of the stink away.

Tanya woke up to the warm water washing over her, she looked up as the water fell and she rotated her head around, her neck stiff for some reason.  She worked her way out of the latex costume and washed herself and the costume.  She finished cleaning and stepped out of the shower, hanging the costume to dry.

She sat down on the makeup chair dried her hair and then brushed it out, then started to reapply her makeup.  Almost an hour later she finished and checked her costume, which was now completely dry.  She got back in to it and once more checked herself in the mirror, smiling under the hood as she walked out of the bathroom and in to the bedroom.

Tom was laid out on the bed naked and she gasped as a sudden urge to have his cock in her mouth came over her.  She took a step forward before Tom spoke up, “Stay.” is all he said.

She froze in place, unable to take the second step towards her desire.

“Turn around and bend over, grab your ankles.”

She obeyed, holding on to her ankles tightly as her pussy moistened.

“Alright, that’s good, now get over here.”

Tanya stood back up and quickly made her way over to Tom, crawling across the bed until her hooded head was at his dick.

She pushed her mouth on to it, the latex blocking it from entering but she continued to try none the less.

“Pull the hood up just enough to get your lips around my dick.”

She did so, finally getting it in to her mouth and sucking it all the way down.  She looked up at Tom as her lips touched the base of his shaft and a wave of pleasure burst forth from her mouth, down her spine and exploded in her pussy.

She felt his hands on her latex covered head as he pulled her up and pushed her down several times.  She eagerly followed his lead and when his cum hit the back of her throat her orgasm rocked her.