The Grey Ghost approached the embassy with caution, few heros even tried any more, so many had fallen to Dr. Taylor now that he was considered unstoppable.

Luckily it seemed he wasn’t as interested in world domination as, well, no one was really sure what he was doing these days.  After the embassy had been rebuilt he’d done little more than official functions and fly around the world with his entourage.  This week he was in Vegas, apparently spending some of the money his online “entertainment” sites were earning him.

The Ghost sneered under her cowl as she floated towards the side of the building, she passed through it effortlessly and started down towards the subbasements where she would find what she was looking for.

Three levels later she found the Doctors lab, a mass of machines cluttered virtually every inch of space, with the exception of a small workbench.  On the bench was a multi-armed structure, holding a blue gem above the bench with various tools pointed at it.

She smiled at the Star of Radiance, glowing blue, was the jewel she’d been looking for since it had given her her powers.  It had been lost shortly afterwards and when she heard Dr. Taylor had gotten his hands on it somehow she knew she’d have to take it back.

She looked around, checking for obvious traps but found nothing and so phased back to the real world.  As she did, the Star of Radiance took on it’s physical plane appearance of nothing more than a grey rock.

She reached out to take it but stopped just before she did, there was something different about the stone.  When she’d first seen it all those years ago it had been just another rock with a strange shape, but now it seemed to have a slight green glow to it.

She moved her head closer to it to get a better look, as she did, the green aura seemed to intensify and she concentrated to try and figure out where it was coming from.

She moved even closer as the aura seemed to be swirling around the stone, she tried to figure out the pattern.  It seemed to be pulsing or swirling or pulsing and swirling, it was hard to tell for sure.

As she continued to study it, something in the back of her mind told her there was something wrong, she hadn’t blinked since she noticed the aura.  She tried to turn away from the stone but found her head didn’t respond.

She wanted to push herself way from the bench, but found her arms didn’t respond.

Soon her face went slack and all thought drained from her.

Dr. Taylor pushed some chips out to the betting circle and waited for the cards to be dealt, Lady Justice and Miss United stood behind him to each side, content to be in his presence.

He felt his phone vibrate and he pulled it out as he busted another hand of blackjack and looked at the notification, the image of the enraptured Grey Ghost displayed on the screen.

“A good thing we’re heading home tomorrow ladies, it looks like we have a guest at the mansion.”

“Oh my god really Doc?”  LJ said.

“Like it’s been so long since I’ve seen the Ghost!” MU said.

The Ghost woke up strapped to a table, she calmly looked around and saw her captor standing a few feet away, she focused her power to phase out of the restraints and found herself unable to.

“Ah, awake, good.  You know that stone has been vexing me for weeks, but thanks to you I’ve finally figured it out!”

“You can’t hold me Dr. Taylor, I’ll phase right out of here!”

“Go ahead, be my guest.” he responded, crossing his arms and waiting, calling her bluff.

“You see, I knew you’d come after the stone and so I make sure you would find it easily enough.  What you didn’t notice was the hyper-energized field I setup around it.  On a normal stone, that wouldn’t do anything, but after experimenting with the Star of Radiance a bit I found it gave off a paralyzing visual display when just the right kind of hyper-energized field was applied to it.

Once you were enraptured by it and I got back from my trip, it didn’t take me long to examine you and figure out how the stone worked.

Now you’ll find your power is neutralized, for the time being at least.”

He walked towards her and she struggled against the bonds to no avail as he placed the programming helmet over her eyes and activated it.

The Girly Ghost, or as most now called her, GiGi, sat on the edge of the stool and pushed her tits out towards the camera.

She checked her corset to make sure it was still tight, the last client had literally had her tied up in knots with rope.  Penny, Flag Bearer’s little helper, had been indispensable in getting her all tied up.

GiGi’s pussy moistened again at the thought of being constrained once more and she let out a giggle.  In the back of her mind somewhere she still remembered how much she loved the freedom of floating through walls and anything else, but now just the though of being locked up, bound sent her pussy in to overdrive!

The light on the camera came alive and the computer monitor showed the next client.

“Oh, hi!  So what can GiGi do for you today honey?”

“Hi GiGi, I, uh, we’ll do you know what a vac bed is?”

“Oh my gawd, of course I do!” she replied and stood up, moving the stool out of the way and grabbing the grey vac bed from the other side of the room.