Carol looked over the investments the bank had made that quarter and frowned.  The investment board had overruled her on the $20 million investment in the software company and it appeared she’d been right to be concerned as there was still no payments being made on the account.

She stood up and walked across the hall to the presidents office, walking right in without knocking.

“Look at this…” she said throwing the account details down on to his desk.

He picked it up and reviewed it, “Nothing to worry about Carole, I’m getting personal updates from the company and everything is on track.  This is a long term investment, we don’t expect to see any cash payments for several years.”

“That’s unacceptable, it’s under my department and it effects my performance!”

“Well, you can take it back to the board if you like…” he said, trailing off.

She shook her head, she’d taking to the board after it had been approved and been re-soundly told they would not change their minds.  Dave, the head of the board had been especially emphatic her opinion wasn’t important on this matter.

“No, that won’t be necessary, but something has to be done.”

“I agree, let me see what I can do.”

She raised an eyebrow but let it go as she turned and left.

Carole worked on the quarterly results, like she had been for weeks.  She had to admit the new software the bank had installed had really made it easier to work on the computer, she hadn’t had any eye strain or fatigue since.

She looked at the clock, it was past 8pm and she stretch out and stood up.  She ran her hands down her front admiring the tight, exposed, midrif her extra time at the gym these past few weeks had given her.

She pulled out her compact and checked her makeup and hair before closing it.  She looked down at her exposed cleavage and pushed it together before she was satisfied.

She picked up her attache case and walked out of the office towards the back exit.

The sun was low in the sky but it was still light out and she waited a few moments until the red mustang pulled up and she walked over to the passenger side and got in.

“So how was your day?”

“Long and productive Dave, just like always.”

“That’s good,” her responded as he pulled away, “show me the details.”

She smiled and bent down in to his lap, opening his zipper and pulling out his dick.  She wrapped her lips around it and proceed to give the head of the investment board a full rundown of the details.

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