Sandra leaned against the wall in the storage room, took her glasses off and closed her eyes for just a second.  It had been a long day and they seemed to be getting longer and longer since the takeover.  She’d been sneaking a break in the storage room every day at this time for a while now, just to have a few minutes to herself.

She’d worked hard the last few years but when she had been promoted just before the buyout, she’d been worried they’d fire her as part of the management purge the always seemed to happen when such a large company took over a smaller rival.  But it turned out she didn’t have to worry, the senior management had been replaced, but her new boss seemed eager to keep her on.

They promptly sent her on a training course, apparently all the managers who had survived had gone on it, but for some reason she couldn’t really remember much of it.  The week had flown by and when she’d arrived home on the Friday night her mind was running around in circles with all kind of new ideas that she just couldn’t quite fully form in her mind, but she knew were important.

The first week back at work had proved most stressful and she found she was falling behind.  It hadn’t helped she had been late to work every morning, for some reason her morning routine had been taking longer.

The next week she resolved to make sure she arrived on time and got up earlier.  Of course the shopping she’d done over the weekend hadn’t helped, on Monday morning she couldn’t decide on what to wear and by the time she finished at the gym she was still late.

The stress of trying to make up for the lost time and started to show in her work and by the end of the week she’d found her little sanctuary in the storage room.

Sandra heard the click of the door as it opened and turned to see her boss standing in the doorway.  She started to push off the wall as he closed the door and smiled, before she could pull away from the wall he placed his hand on her firm ass and a wave of pleasure shot up her spine.

She moaned as he pulled her towards him and guided her down in front of him.

She placed her glasses back on and unzipped his pants.  It was time to get back to work and she had fallen so far behind, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and looked up.  Her new boss was so much more demanding then the old one, but the training had shown her just how important it was to keep him happy.

As his hot cum ran down her throat, her own orgasm erupted she knew she’d done a good job today.