Paige looked over towards Jim as he setup the camera and equipment.  She’d taken the job as his assistant just a few weeks ago and this was the first photo shoot they were going to do together.

She’d setup the backdrop and staged the lights and now all that was left was to wait for the model.

Paige ran her hand through her short black hair and found a seat as Jim finished with the camera and checked his phone.

“Hey Paige, can you grab me a bottle of water from the fridge?”

“Sure.” she replied and headed over to the fridge.  She opened the door and found it stocked with water, she grabbed two and headed back over to Jim.

“So, any word from the princess?”

“No, but you know model’s, they’re always late.” he twisted the top off his water and took a swig.  She did the same.

One sip became two, then a gulp, followed by another until the bottle was completely gone.

Jim watched Paige gulp down the water and wondered which one she’d grabbed.  He’d dosed all of them with the pill, but some had one or two, others had three in them.  

She finished the bottle and a moan escaped her lips as her back arched and the changes started.  He grabbed the bottle from her and checked it, three pills in this one.

He watched her hair start to flow down from her head towards her shoulders as it lightened.  Her body started to tighten and her face shifted as the pills raced through her body towards her brain.

Her eyes closed as it hit her mind and he leaned in and spoke, “That’s right Paige, let it consume you, no need to resist it.  Your my perfect little assistant, willing to do anything I want.  Eager to please and perfectly happy with any job I give you.”

Paige looked at the camera as the flash went off and then her gaze drifted down to Jim’s crotch once more.  Her lips parted and her tongue ran over them as her thoughts once more returned to his stiff member she could make out under his pants.

The flash went off again as Jim walked out from behind the camera and in to the frame, when he was standing right beside her she looked up in to his face with a slight smile.

Jim placed his hand on her cheek and ran his thumb over her plump lips, she took it in to her mouth and started to suck as the flash continued to go off.

Her hands found his zipper and freed his hard cock from his pants.  Jim pulled his thumb out of her mouth and her lips quickly found something far better to suck on.