Ami opened her eyes and blinked several times a she tried to get her bearings.  Her hands felt cold steal under them and she gripped it tightly to steady herself.

She could tell she was leaning back slightly and she tilted her head forward as her vision cleared and was greeted by the two large globes on her chest.

‘Those aren’t my tits!’ she thought.

‘Tits? That wasn’t the right word was it?’ her mind raced to try and find the right word.

‘Boobs… Jugs… Melons…’ she shook her head and felt her long hair brush up against her shoulder.

She looked at it, it was blonde and tied back to one side.

‘But… but my hair is brown!’ she almost panicked but managed to calm herself down.

She looked down at the rest of her body, it was unfamiliar.  Hairless and tight in places it should be flabby.

Only then did she noticed the brown paper all over the floor, she looked over the her right and saw the mattress on the floor.

‘What the heck is going on?’ she thought as she pushed herself upright and took a tentative step away from the contraption she’d been leaning against.

A second step was easier but before the third a man entered the room.  He smiled like he knew her but Ami didn’t recognized him.

“Ah, perfect, get over on to the bed.” he said.

Ami tried to run out of the room but her body betrayed her as it moved to the mattress.

Her voice fared no better as she heard it say “Yes Master.”

‘No!  He’s not my Master… he’s my Master… he’s…’ he mind couldn’t find the word she was looking for even though she was sure she should know it.

She fell to her knees and waited, unable to move or say anything as he undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor.  He quickly removed his underwear and then said “Number 3 please.”

Ami’s mind didn’t understand the request, but her body did as her hands reached out and stroked his dick and balls.  Soon her lips were firmly wrapped around his shaft and her head was bobbing up and down.

The well lit room contained a desk with several monitors on it, one of them showed a pretty blonde giving a blowjob to a man standing on a mattress.

Along with the monitors, a keyboard and a mouse were positioned on the desk.  It looked like any office setup with one small difference.  Beside the mouse there was several small black devices that looked like some kind of TV remote.

On the screen the blonde quickened her pace and the man tensed up, she pulled herself off of his dick and opened her mouth wide, positioning herself perfectly to receive his load.  She worked his shaft with her hands and when it sprayed across her face, the man watching the monitor pressed a single button on the remote labeled “Ami” and watched as her body twitched and fell backward at the massive orgasm she was having.