Lucinda opened the door to her apartment and tossed her coat on the hook and let out a heavy sigh.  It had been a long day at work and it wasn’t letting up.  She’d had to fire several employee’s this week and more downsizing was coming soon.

This wasn’t even the first round either, six weeks ago the first group to be given their pink slips had been even tougher, especially Jim.

Jim was a brilliant man, his work on sub harmonic communication systems was beyond anyone else at the company and that was part of the problem.  No one else could make heads or tails of it and what senior management didn’t understand, they didn’t see the value in.  It also did help that he was also the highest paid employee and so he was the first go.

The meeting with him had not gone well.  He was livid when she told him he was being let go.  He couldn’t understand how the company didn’t see the value in his work.  She’d remained calm the first dozen times he’d talked down to her but finally she’d snapped when he’d called her a brainless corporate drone.  It wasn’t her best moment, but he seemed to get the message and accepted the package.

Lucinda walked in to the bedroom and got undressed, grabbing her pajamas and then heading in to the bathroom to take a nice hot bath.

She bundled her long black hair up and slipped in to the warm water and let it wash over her but soon it started to cool and she finished cleaning up and dried off.

She grabbed the talcum powder and applied it to her legs, then her torso and finally her breasts.  She grabbed her pajama top and slipped the tight red semi-transparent latex over her head and made sure her hair didn’t get caught in it.  Then she wiggled her way in to the similarly semi-transparent pants, wrapping the belt tightly around her waist and fastening it tightly in place.

She checked her makeup and found a few accessories before heading out to the kitchen and pouring herself a glass of wine.

She walked out to the living room and sat down on the leather couch and took a sip, only to be disturbed by her phone ringing.

She picked it up off the end table and answered it, but no one answered and she heard no sound coming from it.  Instead of putting it down, she simply listened, closing her eyes as thoughts and images ran through her mind.

When she opened her eyes again she placed the phone back down and placed her glass of wine beside it before standing up and walking to the front door.  She opened it without checking to see if anyone was there and was not surprised when Jim was standing in the hallway.

She stepped back and let him enter her apartment, closing the door behind him.  He walked out to the living room and she follow behind him.

Jim looked over her as she stood still in the middle of the room.

“What’s your status Lucy?”

“Drone Lucy is ready to serve master.” she said matter of factly.

“Good, position one.”

Lucy dropped to her knees, tucked her legs beneath her and sat back on her haunches.  She wrapped her arms behind her and pushed her chest out and bowed her head.

“Position two.”

She stood back up, spread her legs just beyond shoulder width, moved her arms up to her head and threaded them through her hair, turning her head to the left and once more pushing her breasts out.

“Position three.”

Lucy turned around, bent over at the waist and grabbed her ankles, sticking her ass as far up in to the air as she could.

Lucy heard a zipper and then Jim’s pants hit the ground.  He walked around in front of her and she saw his bare feet, legs and erect penis come in to view.

She felt one of his hands under her chin and the other on her forehead as he tilted her head level with him.


She parted her lips and his dick entered her between them, he started to move in and out as she continued to keep a tight grip on her ankles.

She worked her tongue around his shaft and sucked as well as she could, eager to be of service.

“I have to say Lucy, I was wrong, you’re no brainless corporate drone, you’re my brainless drone.” he said as his shaft hardened even more and she felt his cum hit the back of her throat.

She didn’t hear anything else for several minutes as her own orgasm drowned out everything else but the blinding pleasure she felt at having been used by her master.