“Like hey mister can I ask you something?” the cute brunette called out to me as I relaxed in the beach chair and enjoyed the warm breeze coming off the ocean.

I looked up as she jogged over to me and smiled, “My friends want to play some volleyball but we need a forth, you interested?”

They must have been desperate, I wondered if she had drawn the short straw to come over and ask me.  The beach was deserted as it was the off season, just as I liked it and there were few people to disturb me.  

Of course I didn’t mind this time, she was beautiful and the small orange bikini showed off her body perfectly.

I on the other hand was mostly covered up, long shorts, a colourful short and a hat.  But even so, it would have been obvious to her that I was much older than her and not anywhere near in as good as shape.

But her smile didn’t betray any concern and I returned it with my own, “Sure, as long as you go easy on me.  I’m Doug.” I replied with a slight laugh.

“Oh, it’s just for fun!  We’ll go easy on you I promise!  I’m Krystal.”

We walked over to the net and I tossed my hat to the side and we started playing.  I had to admit, I enjoyed the game, it had been years since I’d last played.

Her friends turned out to be a John and Daisy and after some small talk I found out they had come down together, with Krystal’s boyfriend coming down sick just before the trip.

We played for quite a while and then returned to the bar and ordered some drinks.  Krystal was a natural flirt and I was enjoying our conversation but John and Daisy seemed to be real stick in the muds and had several times suggested they should head back to the room.  

They both had been shooting me the evil eye after we’d finished the volleyball and I guess they’d figured the old guy should just meander off in to the sunset.

By about the fifth “hint”, I’d had enough.  I like the off season at these places as it’s quiet and peaceful.  It gives me time to relax and recharge from the normal hectic noise of all the thoughts that float around me.  

I grabbed a hold of Daisy’s last thought, “Why doesn’t he just leave already!”, and twisted it around, “Why doesn’t John just fuck me already!”, before pushing it back in to her head.

The change in her face was almost instantaneous.  The wrinkled brow and narrow eyes opened up and her lips parted slightly as the tension flowed out of her body.  She turned her head towards John and I noticed her hand slip over to his leg as she smiled.

John looked a little surprised and his next thought floated out, “Daisy wants something, but How am I supposed to know what?”.  A quick change, “Daisy doesn’t know what she wants, I’m supposed to tell her.” and it reentered his mind.

John’s expression changed as well and he turned towards Daisy, grabbed her hand and said, “Come on Daisy, time to go.”

Daisy looked confused as I watched her thought, “What’s with John telling me what to do, he’s acting like a real asshole.”  I grabbed hold of it and flipped it back to her, “I always do what John tells me, maybe if I act like a real slut he’s fuck my asshole!”

As John pulled Daisy along behind him towards their room, I was left alone with Krystal.  Her thoughts were a little bit of a jumble at the moment, not quite sure what to make of her friends leaving her all of a sudden but all small talk continued.

“So Krystal, are you getting hungry?”

“Yea, but I think we were going to go out for dinner later.”

“I don’t know, it looked like John and Daisy had other plans.”

Krystal bit her lip a bit and a thought floated out of her head, “I should go see if there’s anything wrong. I hardly know this guy.”

Krystal blinked as I rewrote the thought and directed it back to her, “I shouldn’t go see them, that would be wrong.  I bet this guys is hard.”

Her smile returned, “Well, sure!  Why not!”, she said as she grabbed my arm and we walked away from the bar and towards the restaurant.

It was still early afternoon so it was nearly deserted so we were seated right away and I directed us towards the back.

About half way through dinner I “accidentally” brushed my foot up against hers and the expected thought popped out of her head, “Is he trying to play footsie?”

The thought I returned was “I’m going to try and play footsie with him.” and soon enough her feet found mine and her smiled brightened even more.

The rest of dinner progressed well as I pushed back several more thoughts on to her.

“I can’t believe I’m really flirting with him.” became “I can’t believe I’m still only flirting with him.”

“He’s old enough to be my dad.” became “I want him to be my sugar daddy.”

“I’m acting like a love struck teenager.” became “I bet he’d like me to act like a horny teenager for him.”

By the end of dinner I could see the lust in her eyes and when I suggested I walk her back to her room as we left the restaurant she nearly jumped me right then and there.

As we walked back to her room she hung off my arm and pushed against my body.  When we arrived back at her room, the “Do not disturb” sign was hung on the door.

“Darn, looks like I don’t have anywhere to sleep tonight.  I just don’t know what I’m going to do…” she said as she turned her head to the left and upwards, placing her finger on the corner of her lip.

I smiled before replying, “Well, I have a room, if you don’t have anywhere else to sleep.”

“Gosh, thanks, but I don’t know if I’ll get much sleep in your room.” she beamed as she ran her hand over my shirt.

We walked back to the elevators and headed to my room where I knew Krystal was right, she wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight or for the rest of her trip.