Janice blinked as the bright sun bothered her eyes even through the dark glasses she was wearing.

‘Sunglasses?’ she thought, but she’d been at work, it was Friday afternoon and the reports were due by the end of the day.

She tried to move but found herself unable to.  She glanced around as best she could, she was in the middle of a field with high hills all around.

The cool breeze that caressed her naked breasts brought her eyes downward and was greeted by hard nipples.

‘Dammit!  Not again!’ she cursed to herself as the phone call came back to her.

She had never figured out who was on the other end of the call but each time she’d received one she’d found herself with at least a day missing and in some exotic locale.

The last time she’d been on a beach, dressed in a skimpy bikini outfit from a video game character, she wasn’t sure which one, but this time she at least recognized who she was supposed to be dressed as.

As she held the pose, she heard someone walk up from behind her and come in to line of sight.  Just like every other time, she could clearly see him in the bright light, but for some reason she couldn’t make out his face, or hair, or height or any other identifying thing about him.  It was like her mind was blocking out every detail that might let her find out who he was.

He set his backpack down and pulled out two tripods, attaching a camera to one and and video camera to the other and then pointed the both towards her.  The red light on the video camera came on and he walked our from behind them.

“Act 2, take 1.” he said to the camera before standing to the left of the line of sight of it.  

He held up a prop gun and spoke, “I’m impressed, you made it out of the tomb alive!  Though apparently your top didn’t far so well.”

Suddenly her body came to life, “You won’t get away with this, my friends know where I am.”

“You mean your GPS tracker?  Yes, I’ve been jamming that since you arrived on the island.  But you are right, they do know your here and killing you would be troublesome in the long run.  I’ll make you a deal, throw your guns away, get down on your knees, crawl over here and give me a blowjob and I’ll just abandon you here on the island, I’ll even turn the jammer off.  I’m sure in a few days your friends will come looking for you.”

“You bastard!” her mouth shot back and her body hesitated for just a moment before pulling her prop guns from their holsters and dropping to her knees.

“You’d better hope I never see you again.” she said and it was the first thing she’d said that she actually meant in all the times it had happened. Her body continued on and her lips wrapped around his cock, ending any hope of having another witty come back.