“Jim, I know you’ve been working on this prototype for years, but I can’t see the 3D effect.”

“Well Casey, just give it another go, I’ve made some tweaks to it since the last time you tried it.”

I watched Casey place the viewer up to her eyes again like she had last week.  I had been surprised when the first time she’d viewed it that she hadn’t gone under, all my testing had gone so well.

Ok, well considering I’d only had a hamster and the family cat to test it on.  But those tests had gone as well as could be expected and I’d had one viral video to show for it as Mittens bathed Hammy.

I came back to the present as the tell tail gasp Casey made confirmed my tweaks had been successful.  I reached over and clicked the viewer, advancing it to the next image as she drank in the subliminal on the slides.

Twenty minutes and six slides later I pulled the viewer from her hands, “How are you feeling Casey?”

“Fine Master.”

“Do you know what just happened?”

“You cleared my mind of all those silly thoughts Master.”

“Like what?”

“Like that I was a person with free will.”

“And now?”

“I know I am your slave and you are my owner.  I exist only to serve Master.”

“Very good.  Now go in to the bedroom and change in to the clothes you find there and then return here.”

“Yes Master.”

I watched Casey walk in to the bedroom door as I picked up the viewer again and pulled out the programming disk.  I placed it back in to the carousel and selected another one.

When Casey returned in the white and black lingerie I had selected for her I handed her the viewer and pointed towards the stool and she climbed up on to it.

The first disk had programmed her to be my slave, the second would provide her the knowledge she would need to fulfil her new role in life.