Angela blinked and looked around the room, it was painted completely black but she still recognized it as the basement gym even if the exercise equipment was gone.

In it’s place were several other pieces of furniture that were for a decidedly different kind of exercise.

As her mind cleared she realized something else was wrong, her body felt strange and that’s when she looked down.

She couldn’t believe what she saw, two large, perfectly round breasts sticking out from her chest, held up by some kind of corset that she knew she didn’t own.

She turned around to the wall, where the mirrors revealed a stranger.  Gone was he slightly overweight, mid-aged brunette wife.  In her place was a raven haired sex doll who’s body was clearly built for one purpose only.

A red flashing light caught her eye and she turned around to find what looked like a small black tv remove on a night stand, with a blinking red light on it.

She picked it up and recognized it immediately, the news had been warning about the illegal technology for months.  She flipped it over and opened the battery compartment and popped out the nearly dead cells.

She opened the drawer on the night stand and found two new ones to replace them with.  She wasn’t going to let anyone see her like this so she was going to need to turn her back.

She flipped it back over and watched the light flicker red several times before turning green.  She looked over the buttons but before she could undo the changes Derek walked in to the room with a shopping bag in his hand.

Angela’s hatred sprung for the deepest darkest place in her mind and suddenly she wanted revenge more than anything else.  She held up the control and pointed it at him.

“Angela, no wait…” Derek said as he realized something was terribly wrong and the look of panic on his face almost satisfied her rage.

She pressed the button labeled “Select” but something unexpected happened, instead of Derek freezing in place a massive wave of pleasure washed over her and she fell to her knees as the orgasm rocked her.

Derek watch Angela fall to the floor and spasm several times before her body came to rest again.  A moment later she stirred and rose back up to her feet.

She gave Derek a sultry look and held out the remove, offering it to him.

He took it from her and a arched an eyebrow in confusion, he was sure he had been done for.


“Sexy Dolly Angie is at your service Master.”

“Tell me what just happened.”

“Battery power for the remove failed and the selected target attempted to select a new target.  However a selected target cannot select a new target until they are deselected by the user.  Once the selected target reselected themselves, all programming was restored.”

Derek smiled, it must be a built in safety he guessed.  He placed the remote back on the nightstand and pulled out of the shopping bag his latest purchase, a bright red ball gag.

He tossed it to her, “Here put this on and then get on your back so I can see how it looks while I fuck you.”

By the time he finished undressing, she was laying on the bed, legs spread.  One hand was tweaking a nipple while the other was rubbing her clit, preparing herself for use.