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Sandra walked out of the chamber in to another dark room, a single desk with a computer on it was the only furniture in it.  Across from the desk was a single door and she walk out in to a brightly lit room, another desk was on one side along with a clothing rack filled with latex cat suits.  On the other side of the room was a glass tank filled with what looked like water but something wasn’t right about it.  It sloshed from side to side but it didn’t move as she expected.

The man behind the desk looked up, “Ah, good, present yourself for inspection.”

“This unit is ready for inspection sir.” she replied as she walked over to the desk and stood at attention.  Then spread her legs, placed her hands on her hips and pushed her chest out.

He pushed his glasses up and started typing on the computer as he focused on each part of her body.

“Turn around.”

She turned around and retook the position, but this time pushing her ass out.

“Very good, go to the rack and find a suit that fits and put it on.”

Sandra walked over to the rack and inspected the shiny latex until she found one that would fit, including stockings, gloves and the mask and put them on.

When she was finished she returned to the front of the desk and assumed her position once more.

A few minutes later the man hit the return key on the keyboard emphatically and looked up, “Done!  Proceed to the nano processing tank.”

Sandra turned around and stepped towards the tank, she placed her hands on the edge of it and raised a leg over the side, followed by the other one before slipping down in to the strange liquid.

She heard another emphatic whack of the keyboard and suddenly the tank heated up and the latex contracted around her body.

The liquid in the tank came to life and flowed over the top of her body and face, but she didn’t panic, in fact she remained completely calm as she felt a thousand tiny pin pricks pass over her entire body.

Then she felt her body wobble and become gelatinous.  It was like nothing she had never felt before and the latex that had been tight before pushed her newly malleable in to its new form.

A jolt of electricity flowed through the tank and Sandra’s world exploded in pleasure as she felt her body solidify once more.

The liquid started to cool and retreat from her.

“All done, get out and remove the suit.”

Sandra sat up in the tank and rose to her knees, grabbing he end of the tank and looked down.  Her breasts were larger, rounder.  Her waist was thiner an she could see through the semi-transparent latex that the tatoos had disappeared as well.

She stepped out of the tank and stripped naked once more.  As she took her mask off, her long blonde hair fell down her back and she wiped down her body with a towel that was by the rack.

Sandra returned to the front of the desk and once more waited.

“Alright, you can proceed to final prep.” the main said and waved his hand towards the door opposite the one she had entered.