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Sandra walked in to an entirely white room containing a desk with one chair on each side of it.  Another man sat behind the desk and he pointed at the chair as she walked in.

“Take a seat.”

“Yes sir.” she responded as she sat down.


“This unit was known as Sandra Kerr.”

He typed on his computer, “Yes, here’s the order.”

“Alright, lets get started.  Enable programming mode.”

“Acknowledged, this unit is now in programming mode.”

He looked at his screen and started reading from it.

“Define social name to Sandi.

Define favorite color pink.

Enable trophy wife mode.

Enable exhibitionist mode.

Set submission level to high.

Set …”

The commands continued as Sandi listened and the programming took hold.

Sandi stood in front of the car and waited for her owner to come out of the house, he’d taken delivery of her just a few weeks ago and she was still learning his preferences.

He closed the door behind him and turned towards her and smiled as he stared at her tits.  She smiled back and stored his approval of her bikini top for reference.

He came over and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him before his tongue found hers and she sucked on his tongue like she had a few nights ago and found he had enjoyed it.

He pulled back and slide his hand under her bikini top and squeezed her tit, she let out a moan then, “God yes baby, squeeze it harder!” she said as she through her head back.  It hadn’t taken her long to find out he preferred her talking about what he was doing.

He placed his other hand on her should and pushed her down to he knees.  She smiled and looked up at him over her sunglasses as she lowered herself downward.

“Mmmmm… I want to suck your cock so much… show me your big hard cock baby…” she said as she opened his zipper and fished his dick out and took it in to her mouth.  Her pink lips wrapping around it as she suck it deep in to her throat.

It was the first time he’d used her outside and she filed that away as well as she continued to work up and down his shaft.

When he finally came in her mouth she let out a loud moan, closed her eyes and came hard.

She came back to her senses and cleaned up his shaft, sucking the last bits of cum from him before putting him back in to his pants and zipping them up.

“Thanks baby, that’s just what I needed!” she said, wiping a bit of his cum from the corner of her mouth and licking it from her finger, smiling broadly

She returned to her note on the bikini top and revised it from good to excellent, like all the outfits she’d worn the resulted in her tasking his cum.