Nicole sat on the edge of the couch and waited for the therapist to return.  She’d arrived a little early and he’d excused himself for a moment before they began her session to use the bathroom.

She’d been very skeptical when she’d made her first appointment, she’d called her GP a moron for sending her to him, the pain in her back wasn’t in her head after all.  It was in her *back*!

But he’d said he couldn’t find anything wrong and if she wanted another prescription for the pain killers, he need to make sure she wasn’t going to get addicted.  So she’d made the appointment and listened to what the therapist had said.

After their first meeting she’d take some of his suggestions to heart, after all what could they hurt?  And if they helped, well, that was even better.  And it wasn’t like they were all that burdensome, a slight change to her wardrobe, slightly different hair style, wasn’t going to kill her.  

She’d questioned what he though that would do, and he explained how it would improve her outlook and that would help with the pain.

By their fifth appointment she wasn’t questioning him any more as the change had been so dramatic.  It wasn’t that the pain had gone away really, more like it just no longer bothered her.  He’d made some more suggestions and she felt better each time.

She looked around the office and saw the bright mid day sun shining in the window and smiled.  She stood up and walked over to the window and looked out over the skyline.  Her hands found the clasp of her jacket and unbuckled it, she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Yes, that was much better, she felt so much freer without it on and the sun hitting her bare breasts as she pushed them up against the window felt wonderful.

As she stood there, showing off her breasts to the world she barely heard the door open and the therapist return.

It wasn’t until she felt his hand caress her ass and a moan escaped her lips that she realized the session had started.  She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor as well as she spread her legs out and push her ass out as far as she could.

The sessions really got underway when she felt his therapy tool spread her pussy lips push all the way to the root of the problem, multiple times, each one harder than the last, until she had a breakthrough and came with an cry of pure ecstasy.