Lana sat in the therapists office, her stylish dress, heels and makeup looked perfectly in place for any trophy wife in the city.

Her problem was of course she was no trophy wife, she had three degrees and her passion was competitive video gaming.  Was it her fault she looked like a model and took pride in her appearance?

She was a nationally ranked player, but at the last event, when one of the guys had insinuated the only reason she got any attention was because of the way she looked, well she’d had enough and taken a swing at him.

The gaming society had come down hard on her, saying there was no place for physical violence at the competition.  They’d given her a simple choice, if she had wanted to avoid a multi-event ban, she’d seek out some help.

And so here she was, seeing a therapist about her “anger” issues.

She figured she’d take a few session with someone a friend had recommended and then be done with it and get back to gaming.

When the therapist had started the session, Lana half paid attention but when the session was over she couldn’t really remember what they’d discussed.

She thanked him none the less and set her next appointment, leaving in a bit of a fog.

Lana had to admit the therapist had been far more helpful than she had ever imagined.  He’d cut right through her defenses and gotten to the root of the problem quickly.  His suggestions had been very help to.

After all if her appearance was a problem, she could solve that easily enough and then be able to get back to gaming.

Each week he’d found another suggestion to make and she’d implemented them all; first was to replace her contacts with glasses, then restyle her hair in to two pony tails, after that dressing in simpler clothing that made her more approachable had really helped.

Today she’d come to his office dressed in her new clothes and waited.

He pressed a button on his phone and the recording filled the room, “Player one ready?”.

She sat up straight, pushed her chest forward and looked directly at him, “Start!”.

She dropped down to her knees and crawled over to the therapist, she opened his pants and found her controller, wrapped her lips around it and began playing for all she was worth.