“What do you mean you did this?” Carry asked as she grabbed her exposed breasts.

“It’s the remote, I can change anything about you with it.” Jennifer reply calmly.

“But I’ve always had big tits like this.”

“Ugh, no, I made them that big.  I still haven’t quite figured out all the features of the remote but it seems it’s set to make you accept any change that made right now.”

“Oh come on, that’s just silly, a remote change do that.”

“Well then what are you doing half naked, showing me your tits then?”

“I… I really like you and I thought this might get your attention.”

“Really?  Your a lesbian?  When have you ever been attracted to a woman before?”

“Lots of times… I think… I just know I think your the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s because I cranked up your attraction to me to max a few minutes ago.  Looked, take close look at your hair.”

Carry looked at her brown hair with a few blonde streaks in it, “What about it?” she said as she saw Jennifer hit a button on the remote out of the corner of her eye.

Carry watched her hair start to lighten to a golden blonde and then continue on to platinum.

“There, see I changed your hair!”

“But I’ve always been a platinum blonde, what are you talking about.”

“Oh, forget it, I’ll read the manual later.” Jennifer said as she hit another button on the remote and pointed it right at her.

Carry let out a giggle as a fog came over her mind and a heat grew in her pussy.

“There, that should make it better.  Come over her and lick my pussy.”

“Uhmm, like can I?  That is so totally awesome!” Carry said as she bounced over and dropped to her knees and nuzzled her face in to Jennifer’s pussy.

Jennifer looked down at her roommate, she’d been trying to get in to her pants forever but the straight laced conservative stick in the mud and turned her down at every turn.

But looking down at her blonde head wiggle from side to side as her tongue explored her pussy, she didn’t think that would be a problem any more.