Jewel sat still, her hands covering her nipples and her eyes closed, just like Warren had told her to do.

She tried not to fidget but the desire to take her hands away from her tits was so powerful, she really wanted to show them off and covering them up just seemed wrong.  But Warren had promised her something special if she did well so she focused on the sounds coming from the other room.

She wasn’t sure what they were talking about but she could make out Warren’s voice and it filled her with pleasure no mater what and so she waited.

When the voices stopped she heard footsteps coming in to the room and then a familiar musk filled her nostrils.  When she felt the shaft brush up against her lips, she parted them and wrapped them around it until it pulled back and then pushed forward tip first in to her mouth.

She felt two hands grab the sides of her head and start to move it in a rhythm, when the man let out a groan she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

She didn’t recognize him but it didn’t matter, he felt great pushing himself down her throat and so she let her hands drop to her sides as he guided her up and down.

Warren watch the official from the permits office pull his dick out of her mouth and pull her upright before twisting her around and pushing her torso down on to the chair and entering her pussy from behind.

Technically it wasn’t a bribe, there wasn’t any money changing hands and Jewel wasn’t the one that had applied for the variance on the building permit, but he doubted he’d ever have to go to court over it.