“Now Lizzy just hold still while I apply this.” Ava said as she tilted her friends head up slightly with her fingers under her chin.

For her part Lizzy sat idly in the chair as her friend applied a coat of the red lipstick.

Ava looked over to make sure the camera was ready and finished up with Lizzy.  She walked over to the camera and checked the viewfinder, Lizzy was fully in frame, her eyes closed and a broad smile on her lips as the lipstick worked its way in to her.

Six weeks ago it had been her in front of the camera, her friend Patty applying the same red lipstick to her own lips, but that had been a lifetime ago.

Ava hit the record button and walked in front of the camera so that her ass filled the frame and the walked slowly, one foot in front of the other towards Lizzy.

When she arrived beside her friend, she once more tilted her head up and then leaned in and kissed her on the lips, the lipstick from Lizzy’s lips sending a jolt of pleasure through her own body.

Lizzy’s eyes opened, not in surprise, but in passion and their tongues quickly found each other.  Ava’s hands found the sides of Lizzy’s dress and freed her friends large breasts from it.  Ava squeezed them and pulled on the nipples as Lizzy’s hands found her ass and squeezed it in return.

Minutes later, Ava got down on to here knees and applied a fresh coat of lipstick to her own lips before pushing up Lizzy’s dress and finding her we pussy with them.

Lizzy let out a cry of pleasure and bucked her hips in to Ava’s face, sending her tits bouncing every which way.  When Ava’s tongue found Lizzy’s clit the orgasm washed over both of them as Lizzy slumped in to the chair.

Ava recovered well before Lizzy did and walked over to the table where the camera was still recording, she grabbed the headphones and walked back over to Lizzy and placed them on her head.

She knew what was playing through them without listening, she’d heard it herself six weeks ago and it still bounced around in her head, “You are a product of the company.  The company owns you.  The company is all that is important to you.  You obey any manager of the company.”