“Look Jim, I know you’ve been getting lots of offers lately, but I’ve been your manager since you started, I think it’s only fair I get a chance to counter offer.” Cassandra said as they walked from the locker room door towards the sparing ring.

“Don’t worry Cassandra, I know I’d be nowhere without you.” Jim responded with a grin as he looked down on his manager.  She was dressed in jeans and a sweater with her blonde hair pulled back in to a bun.  The pen tucked behind her ear seemed to always be there.

It was true, now that he had a reputation as a winner several of the larger management companies had come around to talk with him but he wasn’t going to leave Cassandra just because she wasn’t with a big company, they’d come too far together.  And if he was being honest with himself, he had been trying to get in to her pants since the start.  Under those unbecoming clothes was a fine looking woman and he’d had a crush on her since he was a teenager.

He stepped in to the right and started his training as Cassandra watched on, not noticing the man watching from the corner of the gym.

Cassandra woke up, her head throbbing, a pain in her arm and unable to move.

She tried to get up but her lethargic body refused to cooperate and she realized she was strapped down to a table.

“How are you feeling Cassandra?” a voice said coming from her left side, she flopped her head over to try and get a look but failed to make out anything more than a big blurry blob without her glasses on.

“Wha… what… do you… want?” she managed to get out.

“We have some questions for you and your going to answer them, truthfully.”

“I.. I won’t.”

“Oh you will, and the drug that is dropping in to your blood stream will make sure of it.”

Cassandra looked down at her arm where the pain was coming from and saw the IV running up to two hanging bags.

“Now then, why won’t Jim take our offer to be his managers?”

“He… he… no…”

“You will answer Cassandra, you must answer.”

Her will ebbed out of her, “We work… well together, I… get him… paid.”

“Yes, you do well for him, but we’ve offered him much more money and other bonuses that should have gotten him on board, why won’t he leave you Cassandra?”

“He… he… he has a… crush on me.” she tried to fight it off but finally gave in.

“Well that explains it.  We can work with that.” the man said as he walked over and turned off the IV drip of one bag and turned on the other.

Cassandra tried to struggle but she felt the new drip enter her blood stream and suddenly all of the fight drained out of her.  Her body completely relaxed, her breathing slowed and a slight smile crossed her lips.

In the background she could heard someone speaking but couldn’t quite make out the words.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed but eventually she felt a set of headphones placed on her ears and a voice start speaking to her.

Cassie sat on her counter top showing off her fishnet stockings and high heels as Jim entered with her new boss at ManiacalManagment.  She really didn’t noticed anything but Jim though, her pussy was so wet at the sight of him that she unconsciously pulled the pen out from behind her ear and put it in her mouth.

“Cassandra…” Jim stuttered at the sight of her.

She jumped down from the counter and landed on the tile floor with a sharp clatter of her heels before taking the few steps over to him and placing.

“Hi Jim, I’m so happy to see you!” she said as she pushed up against him.  She could feel his dick start to harden in his pants and she smiled even more.

“Come on over to the table, I’ve got some paperwork for you to sign.  I’ve joined the ManiacalManagment team and so should you.”

“But… I thought…” he said as she grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the table where the papers were waiting.  She sat him down and placed the pen in his hand.

“Just sign here, here and here.” she said pointing to several spots in the document.

“While I give you a sample of your signing bonus.” she said as she dropped to her knees and fished out his now hard shaft from his pants.

Her lips worked up and down his shaft as she heard the scribble of the pen on the contract.