Kristen around the masquerade party, bored at having to deflect so many advances from guys that clearly weren’t in her league.  In fact most of them seemed to be geeks.

She’d though that a masquerade party might have a better, more mature group of men at it.  At least a richer class of men she though as a frown formed on her face.  But instead it seemed the same kind of men who liked dressing up for comic conventions also came to these things as well.

She let out a sigh and turned to leave, keeping her mask to her face with the stem held tightly in her hand but she bumped right in to someone as she did so.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” she started to say as reached down to pick up her mask that she’d dropped.  As she started to stand back up she felt something being placed on her head.

“Hey what’s the big…” she said as she came upright and looked in to the man’s face.

“Shhhh… quiet now dear, no need to make a seen.  It’s time to leave after all.” he said as he grabbed her hand and lead her out of the party, her body following along of it’s own accord.

Kristen posed in front of the camera, the tight corset cinching her waist uncomfortably.  The expression on her face didn’t betray that though, instead she looked off to the left with a slight smile as the camera flashed.  Her head swam in a sea of confusion, her body had followed him out to his car, then in to the studio where it changed in to the ridiculous outfit she was now wearing.

She’d tried to run away, yell out or do anything but what he told her but nothing seemed to work.  She’d followed his instructions to the letter when applying her makeup and clothing and let him pose her before he started taking the photos.

Each time the flash went off it was like a little firework went off in her head, distracting her from anything but it’s pretty lights.

“That’s perfect, now just open your eyes and lips a little.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That’s great, a nice vacant stare to match the nice vacant space between your ears.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Kristen’s mind continued to spin as she felt like it was swirling down a drain.

“A nice empty doll without a though inside of it.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Swirling down, down, down, until there was nothing left but an empty space.  She almost thought she could hear the gurgling of the last pieces of herself making it’s way out of her mind, but of course that was silly as she didn’t have any thoughts left.

Flash, flash, flash.

The doll felt itself being pushed down on to the couch as it’s limbs were repositioned.  It’s arms hung loosely at it’s side, it’s head tilted to the left, barely able to keep itself upright.  A vacant stare matching it’s vacant head.

Flash, flash, flash.

The doll felt it’s legs being pushed apart and it’s dress raised up, it’s arms being placed together in front of it to provide a view of what was underneath.

Flash, flash, flash.

The doll felt it’s body being pushed down and a pressure from above.  It was followed by something entering it’s private parts, but the doll remained vacant even with the heat that was building as it felt the rocking motion start to move faster and faster.

Flash, flash, flash.

The doll felt the heat withing it explode and it couldn’t help but let out a high pitched squeak as the orgasm washed over it.

Kristen blinked as the cool night air brushed across her face, she looked around but everything was quiet and most of the lights were off, even the ones from the restaurant the party had been at.

She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and started to walk towards her car, but for some reason her limbs felt stiff.  She took a step and then another, finding it hard to bend her knees, but after a dozen steps or so things started to get easier and by the time she reached her car, she’d forgotten all about it.