The number kept bubbling to the top of her head ever since they’d met at the mall.

No, met wasn’t the right word, it implied that it was consensual and it certainly hadn’t been.  He’d simply walked up to her as she walked to the next step, blocked her way and simply said “1000.”

Her first reaction had been in indigent sneer but it passed from her face as soon as he had started to speak and by the time she had recovered he was gone.

She’d continued shopping and didn’t pay it any mind until the next morning, when the first thought that popped in to her head when she awoke was, ‘1000’.

It had been the strangest feeling, to have such a clear thought without any context or meaning, but it passed quickly enough and she went on with her day.

It wasn’t until the next morning, when it returned again that she thought about it again.  But she couldn’t figure out why so she let it pass and continued on.

It happened each morning that week, but something changed by the fifth day.  When she woke up it was there in the front of her mind, 1000, but as well her fingers were buried deep in her pussy and her orgasm crested to the thought.

After that morning it started popping up more often, not just when she woke up.  She started noticing things, like the 1 liter bottle of water was really 1000 ml.  Her ten dollar lunch was really 1000 cents, the number seemed to be everywhere.

By the end of the second week her morning masturbation had spread to a lunch time siesta and an after dinner delight.  Each time she orgasmed to the single thought… 1000.

It was there when she’d gone to the salon and gotten a makeover, lightening her hair and getting extensions… 1000.

It was there when she went to the gym and got on the stationary cycle to drop a few extra pounds… 1000.

It was there when she went shopping for a new wardrobe of tight fitting outfits… 1000.

It was there when she quit her job at the lawyers office and started dancing at the strip club… 1000.

It was there when she went to the doctors office, she was so preoccupied with it she hardly heard what he was saying.  Her lips replying to his questions on their own, right up until she was snapped back to present with one statement from him.

“I think we could do 600cc’s, that would give you a very desirable look.”

“Oh god no Doc, that’s too small.  Like I think 1000cc’s would be better.” she replied, a small orgasm washing over her as the number rolled off her lips.

The number took on meaning after that, her goal was clear but it still lacked context.  It took several weeks before the day of her surgery, each one seemed like an eternity, but the day finally arrived and as the mask covered her face and she counted backwards, the darkness engulfed her.

She woke up several hours later, groggy and disoriented but as she looked down on bandages protruding from her body the thought was right there… 1000.

A small giggle came from between her lips as the nurse noticed she was awake came over to check on her.

“How are you feeling hon?”

“Oooo… sore.  But did… I, like, get what I wanted?”

“Yes dear, the doctor manged to get all 1000cc’s in that you wanted.”

Her body shivered at the news and even in her drugged state she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her.

She sat at the mall, her large fake tits stretching her dress as she checked herself in the mirror… 1000 was at the forefront of her mind as she smiled and giggled at how large they looked.  They were perfect, all 1000cc of them.

She felt his hand touch her bare shoulder and she looked up in to his face, her lips parted as a gasp escaped her and her body pushed her tits out farther to ensure he had a full view of them.

His hand moved to below her chin and tilted her head back slightly before running his thumb over her lips.  She wrapped them around it and moaned.

Her body followed his hand up as he took a step back to get a better look at her.  He stepped back in, wrapped an arm around her and placed his hand on her ass cheek as he lead her out of the mall.

It was a short drive back to his place and she sat in the passenger seat, jiggling her tits back and forth, hoping to get his attention.  When they arrived back at his home he lead her in to the living room and gave her ass a smack, pushing her towards the couch.

She stood just in front of it as he pulled his pants down and sat down, his dick hard and standing up as he slid back on the couch and spread his legs.

Context blossomed in her mind as she pulled her dress up over her head and dropped to her knees.

She squeezed all 1000cc of each large fake tit together and slid his cock between them, pumping up and down as the pleasure overwhelmed her as she finally had everything she needed.

After a quick trip to the bathroom and cleaning up, she pulled her dress over her head and came back in to the living room.  He had re-dressed as well and she hurried over to him, pushing her tits up against him.

He guided her to the front door and opened it, outside was a taxi and a confused look crossed her face as she rubbed her tits on to his chest.

He leaned in and whispered to her, her confusion cleared, the sound of the door closing brought her back to the moment and she blinked several times.

She turned around to face the taxi and looked down at her small tits as his whispered worded stayed at the front of her mind… 1500.