Natalie looked through the window of the Milkshakes-a-Go-Go and watched the busy establishment hum with activity.  She saw at least two servers, but only one which could have been her mother, Victoria.

Though she could hardly recognize her now.  She looked so much younger and her massive breasts were hardly contained by the flimsy denim bra she wore.  Her mass of

She watched the servers move between the tables and when an opening in the right section opened up, she headed in and took a seat.  A few minutes later her waitress arrived.

“Hi *giggle* like welcome to Milkshakes-a-Go-Go!  I’m Vicky, what can I getca?”

The voice was too high but Natalie but even so she recognized her mothers voice deep within it somewhere.

“Uh, how about a burger and a shake?”

“Sure, like what flavour?”

“Vanilla is fine.”

“You betcha honey!”  She jiggled off and left Natalie to herself.

She watched Vicky move from table to table, taking orders, delivering orders, sitting on the laps of some of the customers, getting groped by others, until her own food was delivered to her.

She took a sip of the shake as Vicky went about her duties and then took a bit of the burger.  After swallowing it, she pulled out the napkin from her purse, flipped the burger bun over and placed the small cockroach on top of the meat.  Before closing the bun on top of it she made sure that one of the legs could be seen from the bit she’d taken already.

“Excuse me, miss?” she said raising her hand.

Vicky bounced back over, “Like, what can I do ya for?”

“There’s a bug in my burger.”

“Ewwwww!” Vicky cried out, “I’ll like totally get you another one.”

“No, I want to talk to the owner.”

“Like, he’s not here right now.” Vicky replied with a frown.

“Well I want to see him or I’m going to the health department.”

“Oh my gosh, let me, like totally see if I can reach him.  Like, what’s your name?”


Natalie watch Vicky run in to the back and pick up the phone just as the door swung shut.  A few minutes later she returned a concerned looked on her face.

“Oh my gawd, Ricky said he’s really sorry and if you totally want to come back tonight at like closing he’ll be happy to, like meet you here.”

“Fine, I’ll be back later.”

Natalie walked up to the Mikeshakes-a-Go-Go, the neon signs dark but a few lights left on in it.  She pulled on the door and it opened, the chime ringing out as it fell back closed behind her.

A man came out from the kitchen, “Oh, hi you must be Natalie, I’m Rick.”, he said extending his hand as he walked towards her.

She took it and frowned, “What kind of place are you running here that servers food with bugs in it!?” she said with the best fake anger she could muster as they sat down at one of the tables.

“I am terrible sorry about that, I called in the exterminator right after Vicky called me and they didn’t find other bugs at all.”

“Someone should get fired for not checking the food before it comes to the table, like the floozy Vicky!”

“Well, it wasn’t her fault…”

“It doesn’t matter, I want her fired or I’m going to report this to the health inspector!”

“I guess, if that’s what you want…” he replied, his shoulders sinking in defeat.  Natalie smiled, it was too easy really, once she got her mother away from this place she’d be able to get her the help she so clearly needed.

“Hang on a sec, ok?” Rick said and headed back in to the kitchen, appearing a few moments later with a burger and shake.

“I made it myself and I assure you, it’s perfect.” he said, placing it in front of her.

She looked over at him as he sat back down, “Well, I’m not all that hungry really.”

“I understand, just a bite so you don’t leave with that unfortunate incident as the last impression of my food.”

“Well, ok.” she said gripping the burger and taking a bit.

Her mouth felt like it was on fire as one of the hot peppers fell from the burger on to the plate.  She reached out and grabbed the shake, sucking hard on the straw for relief.

The sweat taste of the milkshake flowed over her tongue and down her throat, soothing away the burning of the peppers.  She continued to suck on the straw as hard as she could long after the relief she had sought.

Tally scratched off the last order from her pad, it was the only way she could keep them straight.  But now the last customer had left and Vicky locked the door and then bounced over to her.

“Like, Tally, how many times do I have to totally say?”

“Uhm, like say what?”

“Oh my god, those tables over there are your and like these over here are totally mine!” Vicky said waving her arms towards the two different sides of the Mikeshakes-a-Go-Go.

“But Mom, he was cute!” Tally whined, stomped a foot and started to sniffle.

“Oh baby, like don’t cry!” Vicky said and pulled Tally in close to her, burying her face in her massive cleavage.

“Mommy will like totally make it better.”

When Rick came out from the kitchen, he found them both on the floor behind the counter, Tally spread eagle, her pink dress pushed up around her waist, Vicky’s tongue buried deep in her pussy.

Rick walked around behind Vicky and gave her ass a little slap, instinctively she raised it up in the air so Rick could pull down her shorts and join in.