Leanne scrunched down in her car as the front door of the house opened and a man walk out.  She’d been in the car for almost 7 hours today and this was her third day waiting for him to leave.

His car pulled out of the driveway and sped away down the street, when she was sure he was out of sight she sat back up and opened her door.  She quickly walked over to the house and went around back though the gate in the fence to the pool.

She hugged close to the wall and looked around the corner where three women lay by the pool sunning, she didn’t recognize the two blondes, but the brunette was her friend Susan.

Susan had virtually disappeared since a few weeks ago when she’d dropped by her old friends house.  Susan had made excuses not to get together and even quit her job.  When she’d dropped by Susan’s apartment she’d run in to a moving company taking everything out and they wouldn’t say where they were taking it.

Since then Leanne had been digging in to what was going on and last week had finally found out she’d being coming back to the house and only left once in a while.

Leanne kept close to the wall of the house and made her way over to where Susan was and walked up beside her lounger.

“Susan?” she half whispered.

Susan turned her head towards her and pulled her dark sunglasses down, “Like, hi Leanne!  What ya doing?”

“I… I was worried about you, what are you doing here?”

“Just totally getting some sun!  What are you so covered up, let your hair down and like join us?”

Leanne looked down at her simple t-shirt and shorts, it wasn’t like she was in a parka after all.

“Look, can we just get out of here and talk a bit?”

“No way, the sun is totally the best this afternoon!”

Leanne grabbed her friends hand and gave her a tug and she rose to her feet, “Come on Susan, trust me, we really have to get out of here for a bit.”

“Like call me Suzi and come over to the pool!”

Leanne almost lost hold of Susan’s hand as she was pulled over to the pool.

“Hey Bela, Bonnie, come over and meet my friend Leanne!”

“No Susan, don’t call them over.”  But she was too late and the two blondes stood up and headed over to them.

The two blondes giggled and hugged both Leanne and Susan and soon the conversation was a mass of “likes”, “totallies” and “oh my gods” which Leanne lost track of.

Leanne pulled at Susan’s hand again, harder this time and when Susan’s hand slipped from her own she fell back and lost her balance.

A small squeal of surprise escaped her lips just before she hit the water and started to flail about in the water.

Bela and Bonnie jumped in after her and instead of helping seemed to take it as a game and while they made sure she didn’t drown, they spent most of their time trying to get her out of her clothes.

To her surprise they were successful and she found herself naked in no time.  They took her to the shallow end of the pool where she regained her footing and then they got out of the pool and left her there.

“Hey, give me back my clothes!” she called out but one of them simply took her clothes in to the house and didn’t come back.

She looked around but found nothing that she could use to cover up and get back to her car, by the time she’d accepted the fact she was going to have to make a run for it, she saw Susan come back out of the house.

Behind her was the man she’d seen leave the house earlier, a wide smile on his face as he looked at her naked body in the water.

“Hey, like here, put this on.” Susan called out as she tossed a bikini in to the pool by her.

Leanne grudgingly did so and turned back towards the ladder, but before she got there she noticed the man had a small black remote in his hand.

He pressed a button and she suddenly froze in place.  She watched him press several more buttons and suddenly her body felt like it was on fire before a haze overtook her mind.

Leelee pushed up on to the edge of the pool, her large tits handing free from her bikini top, like they seemed to do most of the time as she felt the warm sun hit her ass.

She looked over towards Gary her pussy twitched as he returned her look and smiled.

She pulled herself the rest of the way out of the pool and wiggled her way over to his lounger before dropping to her knees beside him and laying her head down on to his lap.

His hand came down on the side of her head and he stroked her hair a few times before he placed his thumb on her puffy red lips.  She took in to her mouth and sucked on it for a few minutes until she felt his cock harden in to the side of her face.  She let his thumb slide free of her lips and pulled down his swim trucks and found something much better to slide between her lips.