Miranda walked through the back door of the office building and headed right in to the staff locker room, she quickly found her uniform and grabbed her cleaning cart before heading out for the night shift.

She’d been working it for just under two weeks but it was just a cover to get in to the offices of her real target, some startup that specialized in training software.  Her client wanted to know why they’d gotten so much funding from the notoriously stingy bank they were working with and still hadn’t shown a profit.

She pushed her cart out of the elevator and in to the lobby of the company, working her way though the office until she came to the presidents office, she grabbed her personal bag and slipped in like she had each night.

Sitting behind the desk she turned on the monitor and inserted her hacking dongle, watching the screen flash as each failed password attempt was made.  As the screen continued to flash, she slumped back in to the chair and waited, she could only try so many attempts each night as it would eventually lock her out of the system.

She hardly noticed the hour or so pass, but when the screen finally stopped, she pushed a stray lock of her black hair from her face and pushed her glasses back up her nose.

Shaking her head to regain focus, she pulled the dongle from the computer, put everything back to where it was and left the office.

Miranda looked across the table at her client as he read her report.  His brow furrowed as he came to the end of it and didn’t find the information he was looking for.

“So your saying it’s just the fact that the CEO was banging the senior partner?  That’s it?”

“Yes sir.  The startup isn’t doing anything special, just developing an online training site.  It will go under or be bought out in a year or so.”

“Humph, that’s disappointing, I guess I gave the old boy too much credit.  That will be all.” he said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

He didn’t notice the sneer across her face, she hated being dismissed like some kind of child.

Miranda looked through her closet, trying to find what she needed.  She needed a good disguise to go back in to the company this time, too many of the security guards and staff would recognize her.  She’d been surprised when they’d called her about doing a job for them, apparently security had become top of mind after the president had found something out of place in his office.

It would have surprised them even more to realized she was the cause of it, but obviously they didn’t know, so she’d taken the meeting.

She closed her closet door, having found nothing that satisfied her and instead grabbed her keys and headed out to the mall.  She was flush with cash after her last client had paid her so it was time to splurge a little on herself.

Miranda walked in to her favourite clothing store, the fashionable suits and other work clothes lined the racks, but something seemed out of sorts.  She walked between the racks for at least thirty minutes but still found nothing that appealed to her.  She left the store, a nagging feeling in the back of her mind trying to tell her something was wrong but her mood lightened as soon as she stepped out of it.

She walked through the mall a bit until she came across a store plastered in bright colours; pink, red, blue, yellow and purple.  In the window were several dresses, all sparkling and hugging their store dummies every curve.  Her face lite up and a smile crossed her lips as her body entered the store, she tried on several outfits, buying nearly a dozen before she left.

She had to make two trips to the car to load them all in and she’d nearly driven home right then, but she realized she didn’t have any shoes to wear with them and had headed back in to the mall.

Before she managed to get to the shoe store, she walked by a hair salon which had several large posters in it’s windows showing off different hair styles, but only one captured her attention.  The young woman with short pink hair fascinated her and it wasn’t long before she was sitting in a chair with the stylist working on her head.

Miranda strutted towards the office building, her pink heels, pink dress and fake fur wrap matched her newly styled hair.  She still wasn’t used to the contacts, but the mall seemed to have everything including an optometrist and she needed to make sure no one would recognize her so she’d put up with them as well.

Taking the elevator to the company’s floor and checking in with reception, she was directed back to the presidents office, though she knew her way there as well as anyone who worked there, she feigned ignorance and followed along.

The door opened and she walked in, the president stood up from his desk and walked around in front of it, extending his hand, she did the same and felt an electric jolt run up her arm, down her spin and hit her pussy as her fingers came in contact with his.

“A please to meet you Miranda, I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Thank you sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”  she replied as he went behind his desk again and took his seat.  She sat as well when he offered her a chair with a gesture of his hand.  She draped her fake fur wrap over the back of her chair as she did so.

“As you know, we’ve had a bit of a security breach and we’ll looking to tighten things up around her, we’re hoping you can help with that.”

“Certainly sir, I specialize in keeping things tight.  Can you give me some more details on the breach?”

“Well, it’s a little hard to explain, perhaps it would be easier to show you.  If you could come around here…”

“Of course sir.” she said, standing once more and walk behind the desk.

He pushed his chair out slightly and gestured towards the screen on his desk, she turned to look at it and then felt him place his hands on her hips and guide her down on to his lap.  

The pleasure of such close contact dwarfed the handshake and a small moan escaped her lips.  He guided her hips from side to side and soon she felt his dick harden beneath her.

“You see, some little minx thought she could hack in to our hardened systems, but we’ve taken care of her.”

She let out a gasp as one of his hands slide up her body and grabbed her breast.

“But that leaves our hardened system still on high alert and we need to get back to normal functioning.  You can help us with that right?”

His hand wandered up to her shoulders and guided her down between his legs, her eyes locked on the hardened system before her and her fingers deftly worked at hacking it.  She penetrated the first layer of security as his pants hit the floor, then the second as his briefs followed suit.

She had exposed the problem and now her lips wrapped around it and she worked to get through its finally security layer.

Her head moved up and down faster and faster until finally she broke though and felt it wash down her throat and her own orgasm rock her.

Miranda managed to recover a few minutes later and re-establish normal functioning by replacing the layers of security she had removed earlier.  When she was finished she walk back to her seat in front of the president desk and smiled.

“Your as good as I’d heard Miranda, thank you for reviewing our security for us.”

“It was my pleasure sir.”

“I think we’ll need to schedule a daily review, if that alright with you of course?”

“Oh, yes sir, that would be fine.  You should never be lax about your security, these kinds of hard issues do have a tendency to come back if they’re not properly monitored after all.”

“Good, see you tomorrow.” he said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

Miranda’s pussy buzzed with excitement, a wide smile across her face, eager for tomorrows meeting as she walked out of the presidents office.