“Oh my god, what have you done?  Where are my clothes?” Jill whispered, her eyes wide.  It was all she could manage as her body didn’t seem to be responding to her.

She stared at her friend Heather’s reflection in the mirror as she stood over her shoulder her hands cupping her breasts, a wicked smile on her lips.

“Oh my, is it that time already?” Heather said as she turned her head to the side and took Jill’s ear lobe between her lips and sucked on it.

Heather’s teeth clasped the pearl ear ring and between them she whispered, “My favorite time of the process.”

Jill watched Heather pull at her ear lobe, the release it as she dropped her chin down on to Jill’s shoulder and snuggle up to her.

Heather jiggled Jill’s breasts up and down in an alternating pattern as she gently squeezed her nipples.

“Just enough consciousness to realized what’s happening but not enough to fight it off.”

“N… n… no… please stop.” Jill pleaded.

“Stop what?  Stop squeezing your tits?  Pinching your nipples?  Brainwashing you in to a blank sex doll?” Heather replied.  As Heather squeezed Jill’s tits a jolt of pleasure shot up her body and exploded in her mind.  When Heather pinched her nipples harder the pleasure shot down to her pussy and exploded there.

Heather’s right hand snaked down to Jill’s pussy and her fingers found the wet inviting folds waiting for her.  Heather pulled her head upward so her lips were right at Jill’s ear and she whispered, “Just say ‘I am your blank sex doll.’ and the bliss of pleasure can be yours for another day.”

Jill’s mind tried to fight, but Heather’s fingers in her pussy, hand on her tit and her tongue in her ear made the world spin out of control, until she heard her own voice.

“I am your blank sex doll.”

Then, the world stopped dead in it’s tracks, the mindless eyes of the sex doll in the mirror did not reveal the overwhelming bliss the doll felt as it’s owner used it for another day.