Wendy walked in to the bedroom and dropped on to the bed in a heap, her body ached after a long day at work and her old joints screamed out for a nice hot bath.

She heard Steve come in the front door downstairs and sighed.  They’d been married for almost 30 years but the last few had been rough.  As they’d aged, she’d let herself go, adding at least fifty extra pounds and trying to hide it under baggy clothes that made her look even older.

On the other hand, Steve had started to go to the gym and looked 20 years younger than her now.  When he’d suggest she join him, it had been a big fight and they’d ended up sleeping in separate bedroom since then.

She rolled over as she heard Steve walking in to the kitchen and taking a seat.  She got up and headed in to the bathroom and started her bath running, a few minutes later she leaned back in to the tub and let the day float away.

Wendy walked out of the bathroom, a towel over her head as she dried her hair, not noticing Steve sitting on her bed.  When she finally removed the towel, she saw Steve holding a black remote control with a wide smile on his face.

“Steve, what are you…” she started but he held the control out in front of him and pressed a button.  She froze in place as he started to press more buttons.

She felt her body start to change, the extra weight seemed to evaporate, her skin tighten and she felt the pain in her joints disappear.  Then her head started to feel fuzzy and everything went black.

Steve walked in to the house after a long day at the office, it was finally Friday and he tossed the mail on to the kitchen table before heading upstairs.

He walked in to the bedroom and Wendy was there waiting for him, her hands on her hips, cocked out to one side, her long blonde hair framing her flawless face.

He walked over to the nightstand and picked up the remote, pressing the play button.

Wendy sprang to life, turned and walked towards him, she pushed her body up against his.  Thrusting her tits in to his chest, tilting her head back and lookup up in to his eyes, her vacant eyes meeting his.

He threaded his fingers behind her head and kissed her, probing her with his tongue and she returned the favour.  When he was done with her mouth he guided her on to the bed and on to her back.  He spread her legs and slid his manhood in to her pussy and rocked her back and forth, her large round tits standing upright from her body but sliding up and down over her chest out of time with the motion of the rest of her body.

He came in moments later, releasing the stress of the day in one glorious moment.  He rolled over and let out a deep breath before grabbing the remote again and pressing the home button.

Wendy stood back up, walked over to her place by the door, cocked her hips, placed her hands on them and froze in place.