Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Carol checked the supplies in the galley and double checked the first aid kit and other safety items as she went over her list.  It was nearly automatic after so many years she’d seen many changes, but the basics were still the same.

She ran her fingers through her short dark hair and then checked her makeup in the galley mirror, finding a small smudge that revealed an age blemish she was sure wasn’t there this morning, she closed her compact and turned to the open door of the aircraft just in time to see the passenger walk up the stairs.

She tried to focus on his face but something seemed to obscure it, not a scarf or anything else that covered it, more like it was cloaked in darkness.  In fact now that she looked closer, his entire body seemed to be slightly darker than everything around him.

She was jerked back to reality as he passed her and his long dark overcoat brushed up against her arm.  He turned his head to meet hers and for just a moment th darkness around him lifted as a red glow emanated from his eyes.

A shiver ran down her spin as she found her body locked in place, she watched the aircrew close the aircraft door as the shiver reached her tows and suddenly started back up her body.  

It was slower and as it moved up her legs she felt them tighten and shift.  The pain in her knees disappeared as it passed by and she felt her her thighs strengthen just before it hit her ass and she almost lost her balance as the pleasure bloomed from her pussy.

It quickly moved up the rest of her body, she could just see her clothing vanish and her undergarments shift to lingerie as it reached the top of her head and her mind was consumed by it.

Carole slowly gyrated on the seat across from the passenger, her long hair falling down over her tight young body.  She twisted around and slid down in to the chair as her hands flowed over her breasts, down her toned abs and across her pussy.  A moan escaped her lips along with her tongue and it traced the outline of her plump lips.

She pushed her hips up as she placed her stilettos firmly on the cabin floor and the dropped her ass back in to the chair.  She pushed herself upward with her hands until she stood straight up and took a step towards her passenger.

Dropping to her knees she traced her fingers over the bulge in his pants until they found his zipper and fished his dick out and took it between her lips.

It was nearly automatic after so many years of providing the best customer service she could.