Noriko blinked several times as the flash and smoke dissipated from around her and the applause from the audience rose to a crescendo.  She smiled and pointed to the back of the darkened theater and a spotlight illuminated Marvin in the back row and the audience turned to look, the applause somehow getting even louder as he walked down the isle back to the stage.

“Thank you, thank you everyone, that’s the show for tonight, please come back and see Noriko and I again soon!”

They both took a bow as the curtain came down, Marvin snaked his hand around her slender waist and she batted it away and made a disgusted face, “I’ve told you before Marvin, we’re done, now leave it alone.”

“But Noriko…” he started but she just waled away to her dressing room and left him standing there.

Noriko brushed out her short hair and removed the stage makeup before slipping in to her street clothes, just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  She didn’t even bother with a bra, her small breasts really didn’t need one after all.

She double checked herself in the mirror and satisfied she’d gotten all the makeup off, her mind wandered to Marvin.  The breakup and been bad and she knew she was going to have to find a new magician to assist.  Fortunately, Vegas was full of magician and she’d already put some feelers out so hopefully it wouldn’t be long.

A knock at the door brought her back to the moment and a voice called from the other side, “Noriko, are you decent?”, it was Marvin.

“Yes.” she said, her voice falling almost in to a sigh as she did so.

Marvin walked in, still in his stage costume, top hat on his head and his wand in his hand.

“What is it Marvin.” she asked.

“I hear you’ve been asking around, trying to find a new job…”

She bit her lip a bit and then responded, “Well, what of it?”

“So it’s true then.  That’s too bad, I’d hoped you’d come around if I gave you some space.”

“No Marvin, I’ll be gone soon enough then I hope to never see you again.”

“I have another idea.” he said as he raised his wand and traced a symbol of some kind in the air, it seemed to glow for a moment and suddenly there was a flash of light in the room.

Noriko tried to move but found herself frozen in place.

Marvin waved the wand again and another symbol appeared, followed by a flash and this time she was enveloped in smoke as well.  When it cleared she could see in the mirror her clothes had disappeared and been replaced with a simple black shawl.

Marivn waved the wand a third time and instead of the symbol causing a flash of light, it seemed to pulse and expand, she felt her body start to pulse in time with the symbol and soon she could see the effect in the mirror.  Her breasts were pulsing, inflating and deflating in time, but each time they inflated they seemed to get a little bit bigger than they deflated.

She watched her hair lengthen and shorten in the same way and after a few times she could see it was happening with her lips as well.

By the time the symbol faded from sight, her svelte body had been replaced with the curves of a porn star.

Marvin traced another symbol in the air and this time instead of flashing or pulsing it moved towards her head and she felt it gently land on her forehead, followed by a wave of pleasure that crested in the most powerful orgasm she’d ever felt.

Nori blinked several times as the flash and smoke dissipated from around her, her naked body felt alive and one of her hands drifted up to her lips while the other dove towards her pussy.

She lost herself in the pleasure of it and only found herself again as Marvin squeezed her breast and pulled her towards him.  She moaned in pleasure as his lips found hers and as they made contact a small orgasm washed over her.

With a gentle push Marvin guided her to her knees and she quickly found the other magic want Marvin had and found herself excatly where she was supposed to be.