Jennifer wrapped her arm around her knees and rocked back and forth.  Her whole body shook as she sat in the dark room, naked except the pink bow threaded through her hair that she felt against her shoulder.

She had to hold out, she wouldn’t walk across the hall to her room mates bedroom, she’d beat this… this… whatever this was she was sure of it.

She continued to rock back and forth for several minutes and then suddenly froze in place when she realized her hand had slipped between her legs and her fingers were gently caressing her pussy.

She let out a small moan before managing to bring her hand back up to her knees, but it was too late, the pleasure her fingers had brought started a chain reaction and she knew how it would end.

She through her legs over the edge of the bed and walked across the hall where Samantha sat near her vanity.

Without a word Jennifer walked up beside her, sank to her knees and bowed her head.

“Please… please…”

“Please what Jennifer?”

“Please… please Mistress… I want more.”

“That’s better.”

Jennifer felt Samantha’s finger touch her chin and tilt her head upwards as she lowered a lipstick towards her.

She closed her eyes in anticipation as she parted her lips.  The lipstick touch her lower lip and a wave of pleasure washed over her, her pussy buzzed in response as Samantha applied a thick coat.

“That’s right Jenni, let the pleasure permeate every part of you until there is nothing left but the pleasure.  Until you are the pleasure.”

Jenni’s orgasm crested as Samantha leaded down and placed a kiss full on her lips.

“Now it’s my turn Jenni.”  Samantha said as she spread her legs and guided Jennie’s freshly painted lips to her pussy.

“Mmmmm… that’s good Jennie.  If you give as good of blowjobs, Master is going to be very happy with you too!”