Jenni placed the sugar coated donut to her lips and looked over at Rick.

“Go on Jenni, take a bite.” he said and she did.  It tasted yummy but it was just a donut and her face slumped slightly.

Rick gave a little chuckle as she swallowed the first bit and took another.

“Oh, don’t worry Jenni, I’m sure one of those will have that special taste you’re craving.”

“But, like, I want it now!” she whined, wiping a bit more of the sugar in to her mouth with a finger.

“Haha, you’ve got to get enough weight on you so it can do it’s job properly and give you those big tits you want.”

Jenni looked down at her tits and watched a bit of sugar fall on to them.  Rick was right of course, after she’d taken that first pill he’d told her how much she wanted even bigger tits and he’d been helping her ever since.

Looking down as even more sugar fell between her tits she smiled and giggled as it reminded her of the other night when Rick had cum all over her tits.  The memory stirred her pussy as well and she turned and spread her legs, as she took another bite, she felt Rick’s toes stroke her wetness beneath the table and she started chewing even faster.

When she finished the donut, she slide down under the table and found Rick’s hard dick ready for her, she wrapped her lips around it and started to work up and down his shaft.

She didn’t know how many more donuts she’d have to eat before she’d get the tits she wanted, but as long as she could suck on Rick’s cock in between she was happy to keep going until she did.