Mitsumi leaned out from the wall, the transparent latex dress bunched up around her hips, the chain hagging from each of the clamps on her nips and the pleasure bombarding her brain.

The moan coming from her lips was uncontrollable, her body responded all on it’s own like it had for the last several months whenever he was around.

She’d gone to the casino to settle up her dead beat husbands debt and that’s where she’d meet him.  He was the account representative and after a brief discussion about the amount outstanding on the account she’d decided it was better to let the courts handle it, especially as she’d filed divorce papers that morning.

The next time she’d seen him was after the divorce, her ex had filed for bankruptcy and gotten out of his half of the debt, but she was still on the hook.

They’d talked for a while and she’d been adamant she wasn’t going to pay a debt she hadn’t earned, he seemed unconcerned.  When he’d offered to buy her a drink at the bar, she’d hesitated, but only momentarily.  When he stood up and took her hand, a small electric jolt ran through her and right to her pussy and she almost lost her knees our from under her.

A few hours later, and more than a few drinks, she felt better than she had in so long, she didn’t want it to end.  But he’d placed her in a cab and sent her home with a feeling of utter dissatisfaction.

She’d had to go back the next day, after taking a few aspirin for the pounding headache from the hangover of course.  She’d walked through the casino as quickly as possible, trying to avoid him after having had some time to consider how inappropriate it was.  

But before she reached the parking garage she bumped right in to him, he kept her from toppling over by wrapping his arms around her and this time her knees had given out.  She looked up in to his face, a broad smile across his lips and she almost had an orgasm right there in the middle of the casino.

He’d taken her back to his office and as soon as the door closed she literally jump up in to his arms and pushed her tongue in to his mouth.  She attacked him with a passion she didn’t know she had in her and soon he had her bent over the desk, his dick buried in her pussy and wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her.

Her head was swimming as he pulled her dress back down and escorted her out of his office and to her car, when she finally regained her senses, she had been sitting behind the wheel for at least an hour.  She drove home and spent the rest of the day masturbating to the thought him fucking her over his desk.

The next day, when he called, she’d tried to put him off, but her lips betrayed her and said yes so quickly she hardly knew what had happened before he’d hung up.

When she’d answered the door, ready to go out, he’d simply stepped in to her condo and closed the door behind himself.  She’d stood there, her eyes wide, her mouth agape until he’d pulled her in close and kissed her.

Before she knew it he’d pushed her down on to her knees and pulled out his cock.  She’d quickly wrapped her lips around it and soon enough he had pushed he back against the wall and was fucking her mouth right there in the hallway.

She felt his cum hit the back of her mouth and her orgasm rocked her world as she slide down the wall, cum dripping from her lips.  She’d recovered a while later, alone in the hall but a deep longing remaining in her pussy to be used by him.

After that night he didn’t even call, instead just showing up and fucking her however he liked, whenever he liked and her body craved his presence more each time.

After a week or so of using her, he’d left a note, it was just two words, “Wear skirts.”

When he next showed up, she had a below the knees skirt on he’d smiled, sending a wave of pleasure through her.

Over the next few weeks he’d left more notes.

“Wear shorter skirts.”

“Put on more makeup.”

“Get bigger tits.”

“Dress more revealing.”

“Wear latex.”

He’d arrived today and she’d been in the transparent latex dress, squeezing her new tits tightly together.  He’d pushed her up against the wall, pulled it down and pulled the clamps out of his pocket and attached them.  

That had been an hour ago and he’d been sitting on the couch since then watching the news with his feet up on her coffee table.

He pulled his feet back and pulled out an envelope from his jacket pocket and unfolded several papers that were inside before setting them on the table.

Hi clicked the pen he had in his hand and called her over.  She sat on his lap and wiggled her ass as he reached around her and tugged on the chain.  The pleasure exploded from her nipples and she came as he whispered in to her ear.

“Now, just sign these power of attorney papers so I can make sure the casino gets what it wants and then you’ll get what you want.”

Her body grabbed the pen and signed where he pointed, as she finished he gave a tug on the chain and the clamps came off her nipples, the blood rushed back in to them and she fell back against him.  Her body arched as the orgasms shook her too her core as she humped him crotch eager to get the only thing she wanted now, his cock in her pussy.