Christine typed the reply a she leaned back against the table, she didn’t quite understand what taking her skirt off had to do with troubleshooting the camera on her new phone but she followed the instructions that the sales guy had sent anyway.

She’d only bought the phone a week ago and he’d added his number to it just in case she had any questions.  When her e-mail had stopped working the next day she’d texted him and he’d suggested trying to send him a selfie.  She’d though it a little strange but something in the back of her mind told her she could trust him so she did.

The next day when the microphone had stopped working she’d texted him again and he’d been really helpful, so much so that when he’d suggested she should change in to something sexy and give him a call to test it, she’d gone along and done it.  This time something in the back of her head told her it was wrong, but she pushed it down deep and called him anyway.  They’d talked for quite a while, just to make sure the mic was working and when he suggested she masturbate to make sure he could hear all the highs and lows over the mic, she’d orgasmed hard when he’d told her to.

Each day something else seemed to go wrong and he’d been quite helpful each time.  She held the phone out, spread her legs and snapped a picture of her smooth pussy to send to him.  His reply was quick and she placed the phone down before taking her top off and taking another selfie and sending it to him.

His reply came in a moment later and she jumped up on to the table, leaned back and held the phone out in front of herself as she hit the record button, her free hand snaking down to her wet pussy as she made sure the camera tracked it.

As her fingers moved in and out of her pussy she found it hard to keep the phone focused on her pussy and when the orgasm surged through her she dropped it on to the table.

She rolled over on to her stomach, spun around and hovered over the phone, “God Master, I love the way you text me.  Text me hard and make me cum forever!”

She stopped recording and hit send, maybe it was time to take the phone back and see if he could fix it in person.