Lucy started to clean up after the latest photo shoot and put her boss’s equipment away.  He’d had to talk to the clients after the shoot and show them some of the results and they were in the conference room now.

She pulled the sheets from the couch and bundled them up, heading in to the back storage room with them.  She dropped them on to one of the piles, she really had to get back here one day and clean it up, and it tipped over.  She sighed and started to pick them up again when she saw an old trunk she’d never seen before.

It was old, but seemed to be in good condition.  She cleared a few things out of the way and opened the lid, it was filled with dozens of small hats.

She rummaged through a few of them until she came across a black leather one with a cool pin on the front of it.  She thought it would look great against her white hair and placed it on her head and suddenly she took in a deep breath an felt her body relax as she let it out slowly.

Lucy didn’t know how long she was there, she didn’t really care, everything was so peaceful.  She was only interrupted when she heard the footsteps come up behind her.

“Oh Lucy, you really shouldn’t have put on the hat.  Well, I guess there’s no point in wasting a perfectly good opportunity.”

She felt a hand touch her elbow and lead her back in to the main studio.  She was lead through the studio and over to the make up desk, “Now remember how you did your makeup last halloween?  Do that again.”

Lucy watched her hands reach out and take a tube of makeup off the desk as she looked in to the mirror and started to apply it.

Lucy stood in front of the backdrop and stared straight ahead, her hands resting just above her breasts.

“Yes, that’s right Lucy, that’s perfect.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Ok now, place her hands at the side of your head, lean forward a bit and form a nice round O with your lips.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That great, now pull the dress down a bit so we can see your nipples.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“And drop down to your knees and keep your eyes right on the camera.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That’s right, now crawl over here between my legs.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Lucy felt her lips wrap around his dick as the flash continued to go off and waves of pleasure washed over her.

Lucy shook her head, standing in the storage room, a bundle of sheets in her arms.  ‘What had she been doing?  That’s right she was putting away the sheets from the shoot.’ she thought.

She placed them carefully on a pile and turned to leave, something felt a little off and she rubbed the back of her neck.  When she brought her hand back around it had a small smear of white makeup on it.

She cocked her head to the side and let out a soft “Hummm.”

‘We’ll that’s strange, oh well.’ she thought as she left the room, not noticing the empty space where a trunk had been.