Jenna cracked her knuckles as she bounced in place keeping warm in the ring.  She’d worked hard to get to this match, it was a title fight after all and her opponent, Donna, was undefeated.

That was at least until Jenna knocked her out of course.  Jenna was undefeated as well and towered over Donna by a good six inches, with a similarly longer reach and kick.  And in MMA that counted for a lot.

The only thing Donna had going for her was that she liked getting in close and tying her opponent up until she could get them down on to the mat, but Jenna was confident she could handle that if it happened.

The announcer called out their names and motioned them to the center of the octagon to “shake” hands and then start the fight.

As soon as the bell rang, Jenna moved quickly, throwing a left jab to distract Donna as she kicked with her right leg. Donna dodged the jab but Jenna made contact just under Donna’s armpit, right in the ribs, and smiled as Donna stagged to the left from the impact.

By the time the first round was over Jenna was sure Donna wouldn’t last through the second.  Jenna had landed several hard blows and Donna had hardly thrown a punch, reeling back time and again.

The bell sounded again and Jenna moved confidently forward right towards Donna, she saw her almost shrivel up right in front of her as she loomed over Donna.  By the time Jenna realized Donna was no longer in her line of sight it was too late and she felt her feet coming out from under her as Donna executed a leg sweep and Jenna hit the mat hard face first.

Donna tried to quickly roll over but Donna was already on her back, wrapping her arms around her shoulders and pinning her down.  Jenna managed to get part way up on her feet before Donna switched her grip and found Donna’s wrist band right in front of her nose and mouth.  A quick kick from Donna’s foot to her side pushed all the air out of her lungs and she gasped in to replace it.

As she did, a sweet smell filled her lungs, it came from the sweet band and she involuntarily pushed her nose in to it to get closer to it.  By the third deep breath, Jenna didn’t even realize she’d stopped struggling and that Donna was in complete control.

“That right, breath in deeply.” Donna said, “Let that beautiful scent fill your mind and bit down on my wrist band.”

Jenna took the wrist band between her teeth as Donna slide her hand out of it and then pushed it in to Jenna’s mouth.  The source of the scent inside of her increase the effect and Jenna let out a moan.

“Good girl, now chew on it, get every last bit of it.”

Jenna did so, the sound of the crunching pills couldn’t be heard by anyone over the roar of the crowd but Donna and herself.

The referee called the fight, Jenna laying on the mat, her body squirming as it changed.  Shrinking, softening, ballooning from the pills.

The referee held up Donna’s hand and announced her as the winner as Jenna’s body settled down.  Donna smiled, crouched down and grabbed the back of her small head and pulled her up off the mat easily now.

“That’s right Jenna, I beat you and now your my sexy little ring girl who’s going to take care of my every need, on and off the mat.”

Jenna heard the words just as the orgasm rocked her body.

Jenna turned slightly to the camera, but looked right at Donna, “Like, is this alright Mistress?” she asked.  The ripped black shirt, exposed panties and crooked hat revealed nothing of what she once was.

“Not bad, but push those tits out a bit more.” Donna replied as the photographer’s flash went off several times.

Jenna pushed her tits out as far as she could and smiled.

After a few more photos, Donna stepped in to the photo shoot and stood beside Jenna.  Even with her heels on, Jenna had to look up to Donna but that only made her even wetter than she was already.

Donna pointed own to the floor and Jenna quickly dropped down to her ass, leaned up against Donna’s leg, wrapped her arms around it and looked up longingly at her Mistress.

The flash went off again several more times as Donna directed her down even farther and then to kiss her feet.  Jenna was so horny as she kissed and licked her Mistresses toes that she didn’t even notice the photographer call out a wrap.

By the time she’d worked her way up her Mistress’s leg to her pussy, Jenna’s pussy was so slick she hardly noticed the photographers dick slide into it.

It wasn’t until his hand came down hard on to her ass that she realized she had been pushed back against him while still trying to keep her face buried in her Mistress’s pussy.

That’s when her Mistress grabbed her head and pushed it hard against herself, then used her hips to rock Jenna back on and off of his dick.

Jenna was awash with the pleasure of being used by her Mistress and she clenched her pussy tightly around the dick in it while sucking furiously on her Mistress’s pussy until she felt his cum enter her and her Mistress cry out in pleasure.

Jenna’s own orgasm rocked and she knew she’d taken care of her Mistress’s needs once more.