“Like, ummm, didn’t my hair used to be shorter?” Christine asked Mike as she sat in front of the computer chatting with him over Skype.

“What do you mean Christine?”

Christine scrunched her brow and tried to think.  Mike was on a business trip overseas, some tech conference, and they had Skype’d for “date” night.  She’d spent the day at work, she was an engineer at an architecture firm in the city and she’d just tossed her PJ’s on to get comfortable, hadn’t she?

She looked down at her stylish top, which exposed her huge round breasts.  She let her hair drop and grabbed one in each hand and gave them a jiggle.

“Oh my gosh, like, I didn’t have these before!”

“Come on now Christine, is it your hair or your breasts?  Or maybe it’s your lips?”

Christine raised a hand to her lips and felt the plush twin pillows on her face and felt her pussy respond.

“Mmmmm… I… what’s, like, going on Mike?  I’m so totally confused!?!” she said, hearing Mike type on his computer.

Christine brushed back her long blonde hair that had fallen in front of her face, a stunned looked on her face.

“I don’t know what you mean, I know your just my trophy wife and all, but surely you can remember what you look like.”

Christine giggle, her breasts jiggle along with her, “Gosh Mikey, like your so smart!” Christine replied as Mike continued to type.

“Thanks Chrissy, but didn’t we Skype tonight for a reason?  Didn’t you have something you wanted to show me?”

“*giggle* Like totally!” Chrissy said, sliding her hands under her shirt and sliding it over her breasts, exposing the firm, large mounds.  A bar newly pierced through each nipple.

“Do you like them Mikey? *giggle*” she said as she squeezed her nipples and let out another low moan.

“They look fantastic Chrissy.  I can’t wait to get home and suck on them all night long!”

“Oh my god, I can’t wait!  I totally want your pen… (clickity, click) pen… (clickity, click) cock between my brea… (clickity, click) breas… (clickity, click) tits!”

Chrissy picked up the dildo beside her and slide it between her tits as she squeezed them together the best she could.

Chrissy felt the pleasure coming from her tits and didn’t hear Mike continue to type.

“Mmmm… Chrissy so totally wants Mike’s, big, fat, cock between her big, totally fake tits!” she said as she licked her lips and then the tip of the dildo as she pushed it all the way up.

Mike watched his wife lean back and slide the dildo in to her pussy and masturbate for him.  The words coming out of her mouth sounded nothing like what she’d been a few minutes ago and her body was similarly changed.

He looked over at the mess of wires and hardware strewn about his hotel room’s bed, connected to his laptop with a single cable.  The software beside the Skype window had a simple command line interface, it was all he had time to put together after conference was over, but it had done the trick.

He heard Chrissy cry out in passion and it drew his attention back to the Skype window, the blonde buxom goddess writhing on the floor in pleasure as she fucked herself.

He typed in to the command app a single line, “undo”, but his finger hovered over the enter key.

“Yes, fuck me harder Mikey!  Chrissy totally needs your cock in her!  Chrissy’s your horny trophy fuck doll!”

Hit hit the backspace key several times.  Well, maybe he’d keep a few of the changes…