Christine looked at the gaudy ring in the frayed box that Tom was holding, he looked like a little puppy excited at bringing a treasure to their owner and she almost felt sorry for him.  To think she’d want such a cheap piece of costume jewelry when she had real rings that were far classier than this one.

But of course it wasn’t like he could afford the real thing, he wasn’t rich and really he had just been a fling she’d picked up at the bar a few weeks ago.  He’d been hanging out with his rich friends, the only way he’d been able to get in to the high end club, and she’d assumed he had money.  It wasn’t until the next day that she’d figured it out and to be honest the sex had been better than her last several boyfriends so she figured she’d keep him around for a few weeks.

But it wasn’t going to last, though it didn’t seem like he’d picked up the hints she’d been dropping.  No, everything she saw seemed to indicate he thought it was going to last, she really hoped he wasn’t going to become a problem when she dumped him.

“Tom, really, I don’t have anything that would go with that.” she said, only faintly trying to hide the contempt in her voice.

“Oh, I’m sure you have something Christine, just try it on!  Please?” He pleaded, his big puppy dog eyes getting the better of her.

“Well, ok.” she relented, taking the box from his hand.  She pulled the ring out and felt a cool sensation as her fingers touched it, it ran up her hand to her arm and then down her chest to her nipples which sprung to attention.

“Oh!” she said as she slipped it on her to her finger and the sensation extended down to her pussy.  Her knees buckled and Tom was there to catch her in his strong arms.

He pulled her in close as the sensation grew stronger, flowing up from her pussy, through her spine and in to her mind.

“There, there, Chrissy, just let it happen.” he said and her mind tried to understand what he mean but it felt slow and hard to think, like it was being frozen in a block of ice.

Chrissy walked in to the club, hanging on Tom’s arm, her cheap plastic dress matching the cheap dye job and heavy makeup.

They headed back to one of the private booths in the back and she snuggled up to Tom as they sat down.

The waitress brought over a bottle of champagne and set it down on the table in front of them, “That’ll be $800.” she said.

Tom looked over at Chrissy and the empty expression on her face and gave her a little jossel.

“Baby?” he prompted her.

“Ummmm… like… what?” she responded, her thoughts flowing like molasses around her brain.

“The plastic honey.”

“Oh… like… *giggle*” she replied, finishing the plastic credit card from between her tits and handing it to the waitress.

The waitress swiped it and handed it back to her as she left.

Tom’s hand found its way to her thigh and then up and brushed against her pussy.  A rush of heat ran up her spine and thawed her brain and sparked a barrage of thoughts, all focused on sex.

A moan escaped her lips and she stood up in front of Tom, her hands roamed over her dress and through her hair as she wiggled her hips.  Chrissy’s eyes were filled with need as she dropped to her knees and wiggled her way between his legs.  Her fingers worked the zipper on his pants and she fished his stiffening cock out.

She lowered her head down, wrapped her brightly painted lips around it and pulled it in to her mouth.  The head in her pussy doubled as her thoughts doubled as well, her focus completely on working his engorged member in and out of her throat.

She felt his hot semen hit the back of her throat and she looked up to meet his eyes.  Suddenly her thoughts ran freely and she remembered everything, she wasn’t some kind of bimbo, she didn’t give blowjobs in public!

Just as she was about to pull off of Tom, her own orgasm washed over her and instead she found herself sucking as hard as she could to get every last drop of cum from Tom.

Her orgasm started to subside and she wanted to give Tom a piece of her mind, but as it faded she felt her mind slowing down again.  She fought it as best she could but by the time her orgasm was gone her mind had once more solidified again.

Chrissy looked up at Tom, his softening shaft still in her mouth, and giggled as she licked up the remaining drops of cum from his tip.