Tabitha laid back in the dentist chair as he inspected her teeth.

“So you say you’re feeling some sensitivity to temperature?” he asked.

“Yeth.” she managed to get out with his fingers prodding in between her gum and cheek.

“Ok, well I don’t see anything obvious wrong.” he said, pushing the chair back up so she was sitting up again.

“I think we can start you on a sensitivity toothpaste and see if that helps to start.”

“Ok, doctor.  If you think that’s best.”

“Yes, here I have a sample of a new toothpaste I think you’ll find effective.” he said, handing her a package with a large “not for resale” mark on it.

“Ok, thanks you doctor, I’ll give it a try.”

Tabitha took the sample and made her next appointment as she left.

Tabitha brushed her teeth with the new toothpaste, it foamed quite a bit and tingled in her mouth.  It was actually quite pleasant tasting for a “medical” toothpaste.

A bit of foam trickled down the corner of her mouth and down on to her bare skin through the opening of the loose fitting throw she had put on.

She spit out the rest and then, with a finger, wiped the offending foam from the top of her breast.  A tingle ran through her breast and a wave of pleasure followed.  

She felt her nipples harden and a small moan escape her lips.  She staggered out of her washroom and managed to get to her bed as the tingling worked its way down her torso to her pussy.  

She pulled her throw over her head and the feeling of it lightly brushing against her skin sent wave after wave of pleasure through her and she grabbed her head as another moan came from her lips.

She let the throw fall down behind her as her hands found her pussy and she fell forwards on to the bed.  She pushed her ass up in the air as her fingers worked her pussy.  She pushed her tits down in to the bed and rocked back and forth, the sensitivity of her nipples going off the chart as she did so.

Her lips took a bunch of the sheets between them and her whole body exploded in pleasure as she came hard.

Tabitha sat in the dentists chair as he walked in to the exam room, “Tabitha, are you having more sensitivity?”

“Oh yes Doctor.  I certainly am.” she said a smile across her lips.

“Well, lean back and let me take a look.”

Tabitha leaned back as the Doctor reclined it all the way back.

“Open wide.” he said and Tabitha parted her lips.

She felt his finger press against her lips and she gripped the arms of the chair tightly as the pleasure washed over her.

“Have you been using the toothpaste I gave you?” he asked.

“Mmphmm.” she replied a she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around the finger in her mouth.

She felt it move in and out and she moaned as it did.  The cool air touched her exposed tits when he pulled the thin top she’d worn up over them and she bucked her hips as he squeezed a nipple between his fingers.

Her sensitive nipples were on fire as he let go and moved down to the short skirt she had worn, flipping it up on to her stomach, her bare pussy was exposed and his fingered entered it.

As both her upper and lower lips were wrapped around his fingers her body jerked as her orgasm hit her, it didn’t stop until he extracted both hands from her.

“Yes I can see you are quite sensitive Tabitha, but I don’t think it will be a problem as long as you drop by once a week for a check up.”