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Karen looked at the stacks of books in the back of the research department and sighed.  The heavy breath she let out disturbed the dust and it swirled around the stacks for a moment until it settled again.  A bit of it tickled her nose and she almost sneezed but managed to hold it in and not cause a dust strom.

She pushed her glasses up her nose and crossed her arms under her breasts.  It really wasn’t fair, she’d just spoken up to James, the department head, in the meeting when he’d asked if there were any questions.

How was she supposed to know that he wasn’t looking for suggestions?  Ok, maybe it hadn’t been just a suggestion, more like a stinging critique on the entire plan.  But before she could get her own idea out, he’d shut her down and after the meeting, assigned her to clean up the back of the research library.

She looked around at the mounds of book that hadn’t been touched in years and carefully lifted a stack of books off of the stool and on to the floor.  She sat down for a moment and considered what she was going to do with the mess.  Before she could figure it out, James walked in on her.

“Karen, I expect this entire mess to be sorted out by the end of the day.  I’ll be back to check in on you before you go home.” he said and didn’t give her a chance to respond before walked back out on her.

She stood up and grabbed the first book that was close to her, she gently wiped off some of the dust and it scattered in to the air.  This time, when it tickled her nose she couldn’t stop it and she inhaled suddenly before letting out the sneeze.

Dust flew everywhere and as she continued to disturb the dust, she continued to sneeze until the repeated sneezing forced her to her knees and she felt like she was going to pass out.

Her head spun but eventually the sneezing stopped and she managed to regain some level of composure.  She tried to stand up but her feet slipped out from under her and she landed squarely on her bum.  A sudden fit of giggles escaped her mouth and another cloud of dust rose from the book around her.

Several hours later, Karen giggled at the book in her hand.  The day had been a series of attempts to sort the books, followed by dust flying everywhere and ending with her on the floor giggling like a school girl.

At some point, she really wasn’t sure when as time seemed to be very fluid for her, she realized she was having trouble reading the titles of the books.  After that she’d started to sort them by size and colour, that had worked for quite a while until the colours all seemed to wash out of the books and so she’d resorted to just finding any spot on the shelves that the books would fit and pushing them it.

Of course each time she had, another cloud of dust would shoot out from the shelves and she’d be on the floor again in no time.  Just like her ability to read, at some point her giggling had morphed in to moans as her fingers had found their way under her dress to her pussy.

Time was just as fluid in those moments as before, the dance of her fingers make time fly by while trying to read the books and sort them dragged on forever.

She’d just put another book away and was still on the floor, her skirt hiked up around her hips, her fingers working her pussy, when she felt something touch her lips.

She opened her eyes as she felt the moan rattle around her throat and emerge from between her lips, above her was James, his thumb pressed on her lower lip.

Without a thought, she wrapped her lips around he thumb and sucked it in to her mouth.  The pleasure was unbelievable, so much better than her own fingers working her clit that her hands stopped and lay limply at her sides.

She pulled the thumb in and out of her mouth, using her tongue to encircle it as her needy eyes looked up at him.  Her hands came to life once more and reach up to his pants and quickly unbuttoned them, dropping to the ground, she pulled his underwear down as well.  His dick sprang forth and her eyes tracked it as it bounced up and down, when she felt his thumb pull from of her lips, she felt empty and leaned forward to replace the bliss she and felt before.

Her whole body shook with the orgasm that resulted from her lips taking him to in her, she sucked as hard as she could as her body was awash in pleasure.

Karen felt his hands take the back of her head and push her forward, she needed no more incentive that the lightest of touch to push herself down to the base of hi shaft, his curly pubic hairs touching her nose and chin.  Soon she was bobbing up and down, his dick pushing deep in to her throat and then almost coming all the way out.

When she felt his cum hit her tongue, she pushed down as far as she could and held him there, eagerly swallowing all that he gave her.  When he was done, a final, massive orgasm rocked her and she collapsed on to the floor, his flaccid member slipping from between her lips.

James looked down at Karen, her limp form on the floor, a smile of pure bliss across her lips.

Each year there was one of them, an intern or a new hire, that thought they could run the department better than he could.  Most he just ignored, but a few, like Karen, he assigned to cleanup the research library.

No one used it anymore and while his current research was more mundane, the work he had done for the government in his early days did still come in handy once in a while.  The powder he’d spread around here had been a mixture; an aphrodisiac, a drug that induced euphoria and a highly addictive biological agent, that when combined with DNA and ingested, ensure she’d be begging to suck him off again.

At least she was cuter than the last one he’d assigned back here, though by the time he was finished with her, she’d be more than cute.